Giselle Diwag Esteban Murders Michelle Le

Giselle Diwag Esteban is a killer from California who was convicted in the murder of Michelle Le

According to court documents Michelle Le was reported missing and her vehicle was found on May 27 2011. Inside of the vehicle police would find blood stains. The focus on the investigation would turn to Giselle Diwag Esteban who was in a conflict with Michelle Le over a man. Police would find blood stains and DNA on Esteban shoes which would tie her to the murder

Giselle Diwag Esteban would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years

Giselle Diwag Esteban Now

CDCR NumberWE5641
Admission Date12/14/2012
Current LocationCentral California Women’s Facility
Location LinkDirections
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year)09/2028

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Giselle Diwag Esteban Case

A ‘cold-blooded’ killer who murdered her former best friend out of jealousy over a man was today sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Giselle Esteban, 28, killed 26-year-old Michelle Le in the garage of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Hayward, California, before dumping her body by a canyon 20 miles away.

Esteban showed no emotion throughout her trial at Alameda County Superior Court, with Judge Jon Rolefson saying he had not seen ‘any hint of remorse’.

The pair had attended the same high school in San Diego, before both moved to the San Francisco Bay area.

But Esteban grew to hate Miss Le, prosecutors said, after the victim had a brief relationship with Scott Marasigan, her ex-boyfriend and father of their six-year-old daughter.

Even after Miss Le and Mr Marasigan broke up, Esteban was convinced he was infatuated with her old friend, said Deputy District Attorney Butch Ford.

Mr Marasigan said the mother of his child, who was pregnant again, had taken a knife out and threatened to kill herself and their unborn child if he didn’t leave Miss Le.

He said Esteban became ‘so enraged that she began essentially to hunt down Michelle.’

He testified that he had dated Miss Le several years ago, but that their relationship was never sexual in nature and they were just friends.

However, Esteban claimed Miss Le had spoken with Mr Marisigan about being pregnant and seeking an abortion in 2005.

Her attorney argued that this was clear evidence the pair had slept together, saying, ‘What woman tells a man she’s not intimate with that she’s pregnant and is going to get an abortion?’

Esteban’s text messages – which began February 10, 2011, with the message, ‘I hope you find what you are looking for in someone as disgusting as her’ – grew increasingly antagonistic throughout the months.

She demanded that Mr Marasigan cut Miss Le out of his life completely ‘for our family’s sake’ or ‘the punishment would be swift’.

She wrote: ‘It’s the only thing that will convince me you are trying to be better. Otherwise, be prepared to be held accountable for your bad actions and decisions.’

On March 2, 2011, Esteban texted: ‘Michelle has dug her own grave by being a home wrecker and wh***… She won’t be an issue for much longer.’

‘Sociopath’ Esteban told her ex-boyfriend that he and Miss Le deserved to die, said prosecutor Mr Ford.

Mr Marasigan, who had custody of their daughter, got a restraining order against her just three days before Miss Le’s disappearance.

Miss Le was reported missing after she failed to return from a break during her shift at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centre in Hayward on May 27.

Two days later, Giselle Diwag Esteban texted her ex: ‘Where’s Michelle?’

Miss Le’s family had offered a $100,000 reward for her return or details on her whereabouts.

Her white Honda SUV was seen driving out of the garage by video surveillance later that evening and was found abandoned a few blocks away.

Police believe she was killed in the hospital’s car park as CCTV showed Esteban at the scene before and after Miss Le’s disappearance.

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