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Teen Who Strangled Mom ‘Regrets His Actions

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Body cam video released after teen accused of killing mother

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15-Year-Old Confessed to Strangling Mom Over a Bad Grade: Cops

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  1. Greg obviously had a very unhappy home life. In my experience, constant verbal and/or physical violence in the home can result in deep emotional issues inside. Greg had marks below his eye from injuries that in reality, his mother probably left on him. In the video I watched, Greg said his mother was hitting him and “beating on him”. How the hell is a young child supposed to handle something like that? Him being a minor was the saddest part. Where could he have gone to escape his mothers’ outbursts? And his two friends helping him stage the crime scene, yeah his ” friends” definitely back stabbed him, which was SO wrong on their part. They weren’t innocent either, to have to drag Greg down with them, snitching that Greg told them both he killed his mother. Smh. Not only did this poor kid have a fucked up home life, didn’t have many friends except these two backstabbers, but now has to endure 45 YEARS in prison. So young. Too young. It’s almost like he lost his life too.
    But who has sympathy for him? …. I do.
    It’s sad the rest of the world doesn’t see it this way.
    I hope Greg stays strong in this unfortunate outcome, and can find some happiness regardless of what life has given him.

  2. Not a “daft” or “biased” post in any means. I know how remorse feels, it sucks. It hurts.
    I feel all 3 involved have remorse. I’m not blaming anyone, but I am saying that Greg had it the hardest, and to be fair, he should not have been charged as an adult.

  3. If you’ve ever read some of the posts this Greg kid wrote on his social medias, you would see how immature he was. I mean come ON he was 15!! He probably wasn’t even in his right mind when planning his moms murder. (your brain is not even fully developed until you’re 25 years old) Like “yeah, I got a bad grade mom”, she starts bitching at him like all mothers do., he gets tired of her abuse (duh) and thinks it would be easier to be without her than to continue living this way. He was a minor, it’s not like he could just move away from her, get his own place, pay bills blah blah blah like a grown man.

    That’s why I have sympathy for him. Because he was abused. And I know what that’s like.
    I’m not on here condoning his actions, or saying I like him. I don’t even know him. I just have sympathy for young guys like him who ruin their lives.

    I feel bad for his friends involved too, I just would have went about it differently than they did. They were both older and more mature than him. I would have tried to get him help instead of going along with his plan of this staged crime scene shit.

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