Bryce Ceaser Murders Infant In Texas

Bryce Ceaser is a killer from Texas who was convicted of the murder of eleven month old Ka’oir Richard

According to court documents Bryce Ceaser became enraged when his girlfriends eleven month old daughter Ka’oir Richard would not stop crying while he was playing video games. Ceaser would crush the little girls skull. Ceaser would then take photos of the dead infant and sent the images to her mother

Bryce Ceaser would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to thirty years in prison

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Bryce Ceaser Case

A jury in Judge Raquel West’s courtroom decided on a 30 year sentence for Bryce Ceaser after convicting him of Aggravated Assault and Injury to a Child after his girlfriend’s baby died of a crushed skull.

He could have faced up to life in prison.

The defendant will serve the 30 year sentences at the same time. He’ll become eligible for parole in 15 years, minus time already served.

Testimony began Tuesday in the courtroom of Judge Raquel West and the jury returned with the guilty verdict Friday morning. The panel heard testimony in the punishment phase Friday afternoon and deliberated until about 5 p.m. without reaching a decision on how long Ceaser should spend in prison. The judge sent the panel home until Monday afternoon at 1. The jury made its decision on punishment at about 4:30 Monday afternoon.

Investigators say Ka’oir “Baby-K” Richard died from a crushed skull in December 2021, only two days before her first birthday.

Prosecutors say Ceaser was mad at the baby because she was crying. Ceaser took the witness stand for the defense in the punishment phase.

Prosecutors questioned Ceaser and Assistant District Attorney Tommy Coleman focused on what the defendant told detectives during his interrogation.

Tommy Coleman/co-prosecutor: “You were crying when you cracked her skull?”

Ceaser: “Yes.”

Coleman: “Right out of the gate during that interview with BPD, you said ‘I know that it ain’t my fault that she died. Was that the truth or a lie?”

Ceaser: “It was a lie.”

Coleman: “Does that make you a liar?”

Ceaser: “Yes.”

Coleman: “And you want the jury to believe you now, knowing that you lied?”

Ceaser: “Yes.”

Coleman: “You told detectives ‘she ain’t no baby.’ You want to say she’s not a baby at 11 months old? Is she a baby or not?”

Ceaser: “She’s a baby.”

Coleman: “You said this baby was spoiled bad, an attention seeker, did you not?”

Ceaser: “Yes sir.”

Coleman: “You had no money to pay the rent but you had money to buy marijuana?”

Ceaser: “Yes sir.”

Coleman: “Did you say you’d never be the same? You know who’ll never be the same? This baby. Will she ever be the same?”

Ceaser: “No sir.”

Coleman: “You want mercy from the jury? Did you show mercy to this baby?”

Ceaser: “No.”

Coleman: “You popped her, you told investigators, and you popped her again.”

Ceaser: “Yes.”

Coleman: “You popped her because she was crying. That’s what babies do, right?”

Ceaser: Yes sir.”

Coleman: “That’s what babies do. When they’re hungry, they cry. Right?”

Caeser: “Yes sir.”

Coleman: “You said Ka’oir is ‘acting a fool,’ right?”

Ceaser: “Yes.”

Coleman: “You admitted to detectives it went too far, right?”

Ceaser: “Yes sir.”

Coleman: “Didn’t you tell someone last night that you can’t understand why the prosecutor, Tatiana, would be so upset about a dead baby, since she has no children?”

Ceaser: “Yes sir.”

Coleman: “Do you think she can’t have emphathy for a dead baby because she doesn’t have any kids?”

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