Murder Database – C

On this page at Murder Database you will find all of the people who have been convicted of murder that have the last name starting with C. The names in italics are female

Murder Database – CA to CD

Tyrone Cade

Erin Caffey

Ricky Cagle

Alvaro Calambro

Jeffery Caldwell

Krissi Lynn Caldwell

John Calhoun

Johnny Calhoun

James Callahan

Dontae Callen

Zachary Callens

Bruce Callins

James Calvert

Genaro Camacho

Aaron Campbell

Charles Rodman Campbell

Michael Campbell

Ryan Campbell

Tenia Campbell

Terrance Campbell

Jesus Campos

Anibal Canales

Kristel Canelario

Rogelio Cannady

Jemaine Cannon

Joseph Cannon

Marvin Cannon

Randall Cannon

Miguel Cano

Andrew Cantu

Domingo Cantu

Ivan Cantu

Peter Cantu

Ruben Cantu

Peter Capote

Dylan Cardeilhac

Ruben Cardenas

Kevin Cardwell

David Cargill

Kimberly Cargill

Michael Carlson

Michael Carneal

Jacob Carney

Carlos Caro

Socorro Caro

Scott Carpenter

Anthony Carr

Emilia Carr

Jonathan Carr

Reginald Carr

Sharon Carr

Timothy Carr

Celeste Carrington

Elmer Carroll

Taurus Carroll

Caleb Carrothers

Michael Carruth

Tony Carruthers

Maria Cataway

Joseph Castorena

Cedric Carter

Clarence Carter

Desmond Carter

Douglas Carter

Ernest Carter

Pinkney Carter

Preston Carter

Sean Carter

Robert Carter

Robert Anthony Carter

Richard Cartwright

Linda Carty

Miranda Casarez

Gerald Casey

Omar Cash

Shawna Cash

David Castillo

Juan Castillo

August Cassano

Edward Castro

John Castro

Raul Castro

Joel Cauchi

Brycen Caudill

Virginia Caudill

John Caudle

Murder Database – CE To CH

Bryce Ceaser

Jose Ceja

Willie Celestine

Mario Centobie

Steven Cepec

Andrew Chabrol

Tyrone Chalmers

Karl Chamberlain

Lisa Jo Chamberlin

Terry Chamberlain

James Chambers

Jerry Chambers

Tony Chambers

Alan Champagne

Frank Chandler

Lance Chandler

Oba Chandler

Anthony Chaney

Kosoul Chanthakoummane

Marco Chapman

Derek Chappell

William Chappell

Kenneth Charm

Derrick Charles

Sandy Charles

Timothy Chavers

Juan Chavez

Juan Rodriguez Chavez

Scott Cheever

Brian Cherrix

Raheem Cherry

Elroy Chester

Heliberto Chi

Carl Chichester

Davel Chinn

Philip Chism

David Chmiel

Mark Christeson

Murder Database – CI To CN

Scott Clabourne

Michael Clagett

Earl Clanton

Anthony Clark

Charles Clark

Cleveland Clark

David Clark

Herman Clark

Jack Clark

James Clark – Arizona

James Clark – Delaware

James Clark – Texas

Joseph Clark

Ronald Clark

Terry Clark

Tony Clark

Troy Clark

Keith Clay

Cecil Clayton

James Clayton

Sedrick Clayton

Robert Clayton

Norman Cleary

Logan Clegg

Daniel Clemans

Christopher Clements

Eugene Clemons

Jordan Clemons

Hoyt Clines

Curtis Clinton

Willie Clisby

Albert Clozza

Murder Database – CO To CT

Richard Cobb

Billie Coble

Johnny Cockrum

Kelly Cochran

James Coddington

Robert Coe

Cynthia Coffman

Brian Cohee

Domenic Coia

Nicholas Coia

James Colburn

Andre Cole

Benjamin Cole

Carroll Cole

Jaime Cole

Loran Cole

Tiffany Cole

Alton Coleman

Charles Coleman

Christopher Coleman

Clydell Coleman

Lisa Coleman

Roger Coleman

Timothy Coleman

Douglas Coley

James Colley

Cindy Collier

James Collier

Carmen Collins

Sherman Collins

Lawrence Colwell

Robert Comer

Shawn Commire

Brad Compher

Dillion Compton

Daniel Conahan

Edgar Concepcion

Rory Conde

Robert Conklin

Jerry Conner

John Conner

Kevin Conner

Johnny Conner

Robert Consalvo

Andrew Conley

Lisa Connelly

James Conway

Richard Cooey

Andrew Cook

Anthony Cook

Bobby Cook

Daniel Cook

Derrick Cook

Stephen Cooke Jr

Cornel Cooks

Vincent Cooks

Chelsea Cooley

Faye Copeland

Ray Copeland

Edward Covington

Wesley Coonce

Ash Cooper (Joshua Cooper)

Paula Cooper

Frank Coppola

Joseph Corcoran

George Cordova

Joe Cordova

Natasha Cornett

Walter Correll

Raul Cortez

Daniel Corwin

Benjamin Cota

Robert Cotter

Marcus Cotton

Luzenski Cottrell

Robert Coulson

Brandon Council

Donnie Council

Lauren Courtney

Allen Cox

David Cox

Jermont Cox

Johnie Cox

Tiequon Cox

Kathy Coy

Steven Cozzie

Robert Craft

Alexander Crain

Willie Crain

Christopher Cramer

Alvin Crane

Denton Crank

Daniel Craven

Charles Crawford

Eddie Crawford

Hilton Crawford

Thomas Creech

Jordaan Creque

Ray Cromartie

Robert Cromwell

Leroy Cropper

Noah Crooks

Frazier Cross

Connor Crowe

Ethan Crumbley

Billy Crutsinger

Christian Cruz

David Oliver Cruz

Javier Cruz

John Cruz

Johnathan Cruz

Nikolas Cruz

Obel Cruz-Garcia

Murder Database – CU To CZ

Edgardo Cubas

Ignacio Cuevas

Dominic Culpepper

Jessie Cummings

Paul Cummings

Jeronique Cunningham

Seth Cunningham

Alva Curry

Sage Curry

Luisa Cutting

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