Clifford Boggess Executed For Frank Collier Murder

Clifford Boggess was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of Frank Collier

According to court documents Clifford Boggess would rob a grocery store where he would murder the eighty six year old owner Frank Collier.

Clifford Boggess would also murder Ray Hazelwood and was serving a life sentence when he was charged with the murder of Frank Collier

Clifford Boggess would be convicted and sentenced to death

Clifford Boggess would be executed by lethal injection on June 11 1998

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Clifford Boggess Case

Clifford Boggess got what he wanted for his 33rd birthday: a date with the executioner. Boggess, a former carpenter’s helper, received a lethal injection in Huntsville today for the slaying of an 86-year-old grocer during a robbery that netted $700.

He was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m. CDT. In his final statement, Boggess apologized for the July 23, 1986, murder of Frank Collier in the Montague County town of St. Jo, about 70 miles north of Fort Worth, and the killing of another elderly man less than a month later for which he received a life sentence.

Boggess told Collier’s relatives: ‘For the pain it caused you I’m sorry. Today I will be with my Jesus in paradise. Christ Jesus have mercy on me as a sinner.’ He added that, ‘Iwould like to offer my death for the conversion of sinners on death row.’ Boggess did not seek a stay of his execution, which he requested be carried out on his birthday.

According to court records, Boggess tried to enlist the help of two friends in the robbery, but they turned him down, so he hitchhiked to St. Jo to commit the crime. Police said one of Collier’s pants pockets was turned inside out and covered with blood. Investigators found $950 in cash in Collier’s back pocket that Boggess had overlooked. Boggess, a native of Brunswick County, Ga., also pleaded guilty to capital murder and received a life sentence for the Aug. 16, 1986, robbery and murder of 70-year-old Roy Vance Hazelwood, a store owner in Whitesboro.

Boggess became the ninth death row inmate executed in Texas this year and the 153rd since capital punishment was reinstated in 1982. —

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