Victor Godinez Sentenced To Death In Texas

Victor Godinez

Victor Godinez has been sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murder of DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez

According to court documents Victor Godinez would shoot Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Moises Sanchez. Moises Sanchez would die four months later from his injuries. Victor Godinez was also charged and convicted of shooting at two other State Troopers during the manhunt

Victor Godinez would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Victor Godinez News

A weeks-long trial is nearing its end as the jury for Victor Godinez sentenced him to death for the capital murder of DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez.

Jurors walked back into the courtroom just after midnight Wednesday, many of whom appeared to have been crying. They have been deliberating since noon Tuesday. As they entered, none of them looked at Godinez.

As previously reported by ValleyCentral, Godniez’s sentencing depended on the answers to two questions from the jury.

First, if there is a probability Godinez will commit further violent crimes that will endanger society. The jury unanimously voted yes.

Question two asked the jury to decide if any mitigating circumstances would make them recommend a life sentence rather than the death penalty.

The jury unanimously voted no, sentencing Godinez to death.

Additionally, Godinez was sentenced to life for count two and life for count three.

Sentencing is scheduled to take place Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Victor Godinez News

r Godinez was found guilty on all counts in the shooting death of Texas DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez.

Godinez was found guilty on one count of capital murder of a peace officer and two counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer.

There was a near complete silence in the courtroom as the verdicts were read.

Defense attorneys and state prosecutors gave their closing arguments Tuesday morning.

In what has been a sparsely attended trial so far, the courtroom Tuesday was full. Sanchez’s family, as well as Godinez’s family, filled the benches.

During closing arguments, the state said Sanchez’s family endured the fear every law enforcement officer has when they put on the badge.

Prosecutors reminded jurors of everything they’d seen and heard during the nearly two-week trial

The jury saw body camera footage from multiple law enforcement officials.

They also heard witness testimony and a police interview with Godinez after he was caught.

Prosecutors displayed the .357 magnum Godinez used saying it was his conscious objective to kill Sanchez.

Godinez’s attorney, O. Rene Flores, argued that Godinez admitted to shooting DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez in April 2019, as well as shooting at two other law enforcement officers responding to that incident.

Flores says while his client did in fact shoot Sanchez , he died following cranial surgery four months after the shooting – stating Sanchez’s death was not the result of Godinez’s actions.

Godinez’s defense argued the shooting is not what killed Sanchez but say Sanchez died from a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain following a cranioplasty operation Sanchez received while in Houston.

Prosecutors said Godinez’s actions started a chain of events that led to Sanchez’s death and the trooper wouldn’t even need the cranioplasty surgery without his actions.

They argued that because Godinez shot Sanchez in the head, he ultimately caused Sanchez’s death.

Flores said Godinez deserves to be held accountable, but only for three counts of attempted murder and urged jurors to decide that way.

Tuesday’s verdict completes the first part of the trial. A punishment phase is scheduled for 10 a.m., Wednesday, Jan 24.

The punishment phase will include opening statements from the state and the defense.

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