Isaiah Greene Murders Gabrielle Bolton

Isaiah Greene is a teen killer from Florida who was convicted of the murder of Gabrielle Bolton

According to court documents Isaiah Greene and Gabrielle Bolton were in a relationship in Jacksonville Florida. The relationship would come to a violent end when Isaiah would tell his mother that Gabrielle was hurt inside of the home. The mother would call 911 and when emergency personnel showed up Isaiah would take off running. Emergency personnel would find the body of Gabrielle Bolton inside of the home wrapped in a shower curtain and towel.

Isaiah Greene would be arrested, plead guilty to murder and was sentenced to fifty years in prison

Isaiah Greene Now

isaiah green today
DC Number:W72040
Birth Date:12/06/2003
Initial Receipt Date:10/24/2023
Current Facility:LANCASTER C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:08/29/2072

Isaiah Greene Case

A Jacksonville man will spend half a century behind bars for the 2022 murder of his girlfriend.

Isaiah Greene, 19, was charged with the murder of his then-girlfriend, 18-year-old Gabrielle Bolton in 2022. Greene pleaded guilty to Bolton’s murder on Aug. 18. Greene was sentenced Friday to 50 years in Florida State Prison.

On Sep. 19, 2022, Jacksonville Sheriff’s officers responded to a home on the Northwest side to assist Jacksonville Fire and Rescue crews who found Bolton’s body in the home.

Police said Greene had fled the scene when first responders arrived, but his mother was home at the time.

Greene’s mother told officers her son called her saying he was upset at Bolton and “didn’t mean to do it.”

Officers found Bolton’s body in a bedroom wrapped in a shower curtain and towel with “obvious signs of trauma to her head.”

When Greene was later found and questioned by police, he admitted to getting into an argument with Bolton which escalated to a physical fight. He said he struck Bolton multiple times in the head with a metal object and dragged her body to the bedroom where she was later found by police.

Greene told police he and Bolton had been dating for about a year, and during that time he had been both mentally and physically abusive toward her.

Before Greene was sentenced, both of Bolton’s parents gave impact statements on how losing their daughter unraveled their lives. Bolton’s father recounted his daughter’s smile and her “beautiful heart.”

“Gabby was the light in the room and even though she may not have always liked it, people gravitated to her. I dream of her every night and she’s always smiling,” said Curtis Bolton.

Bolton’s mother, Nichole Bolton, took aim at Greene, calling him a “monster.”

“When our children are little we are always telling them ‘there are no such things as monsters,’ this is a lie. My daughter was taken by one,” Nichole Bolton said. “Because of the way he abused and then brutally beating all this beautiful life out of my daughter, we will all be in an emotional prison; therefore, I believe he should live in prison as well.”

Isaiah Greene News

Isaiah Greene has been sentenced to 50 years in Florida State Prison for the murder of his girlfriend, Gabrielle Bolton who was just 18 at the time of her death.

The sentencing hearing followed a previous guilty plea to the court August 18, 2023.

On September 19, 2022, JSO responded to a Northwest Jacksonville home to assist JFRD, who discovered Bolton dead in the home.

Greene fled from the residence when first responders arrived, but his mother was present.

She told law enforcement her son called her earlier that morning saying he was upset with Bolton and that “I didn’t mean to do it.”

She went to the residence and Greene again stated he “didn’t mean to do it” and made suicidal comments.

When law enforcement searched the home, Bolton was discovered dead in a back bedroom wrapped in a shower curtain and towel. Police state that there were obvious signs of trauma to her head.

Greene was found a short time later at a different location and brought in for questioning.

During his interview with law enforcement, Greene told detectives Bolton and he had been dating for about a year and he had been both physically and mentally abusive toward her.

He admitted to getting into an argument with Bolton that day while she was in bathroom, which escalated to physical violence when he grabbed a metal object and struck her with it multiple times before dragging her body from the bathroom to the bedroom and covered her.

He was that arrested and charged.

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