Korena Roberts Murders Heather Snively

Korena Roberts is a killer from Oregon who would murder Heather Snively and cut a baby from her womb

According to court documents Korena Roberts would call 911 and tell the operator that her baby was not breathing. The ambulance attendants would find the baby unresponsive and rush it to the hospital where it was pronounced deceased. However the baby never belonged to Korena it belonged to her friend Heather Snively

Police would search Korena Roberts residence where they would find the body of Heather Snively in a crawl space. Roberts had murdered the woman and cut the baby from her body

Korena Roberts would be arrested, plead guilty and would be sentenced to life in prison

Korena Roberts Now

korena roberts today
Offender Name:Halualani, Korena Elaine
Age:42DOB:08/1981Location:Coffee Creek Correctional Facility
Height:5′ 06”Hair:BrownInstitution Admission Date:10/06/2010
Weight:223 lbsEyes:GreenEarliest Release Date:No Parole

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Korena Roberts Case

The day she met Korena Roberts, Heather Snively mailed a card to her grandmother.

“Can you believe Mom and Dave are going to be grandparents?” she wrote.

Her grandmother received the card, postmarked June 5, 2009, three days later.

By that time, Snively’s family had learned of her murder and the death of her unborn son, to be named John Stephen.

Snively’s mother and step-father, Heidi and Dave Kidd of West Virginia, didn’t attend the hearing Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court, where Roberts admitted to killing their daughter, cutting the baby boy from Snively’s uterus and pretending he was hers

But in a statement read in court, the Kidds described their heartbreak at reading their 21-year-old daughter’s words of excitement over her pregnancy, written just before her death.

Roberts, 29, was charged with four counts of aggravated murder, one count of murder and two counts of first-degree robbery. She pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated murder and agreed to life in prison without the chance of parole.

Roberts’ plea deal came only after some negotiation between the defense and prosecution, District Attorney Bob Hermann said after the hearing. An initial proposal from the defense would have left the door open for parole later on, which prosecutors did not find acceptable, he said.

“I wasn’t going to go to the family with anything less than life without parole,” Hermann said.

Wednesday’s outcome offers certainty that Roberts won’t ever be released or have any chance to appeal, Hermann said. He noted that seeking the death penalty from a jury might have opened the case to uncertainty, and exposed Snively’s loved ones to the emotional toll of a trial.

“It’s never easy on family,” Hermann said.

Roberts appeared thinner Wednesday than in her jail mug shot taken the night of her arrest. Wearing green-and-white-striped jail-issued pants and an orange shirt, her dark hair pulled into a bun, she sobbed through most of the proceeding. She answered Judge Don Letourneau’s questions with mostly one-word replies.

When Letourneau asked if she was pleading guilty because she believed she was guilty, she responded, “I am taking responsibility because I am guilty.”

Hermann said in court that prior to the murder, Roberts faked a pregnancy, telling her boyfriend and family she was expecting twins.

Snively met Roberts on the online classifieds network Craigslist when she was looking for baby clothes and other items. Roberts agreed to give Snively some baby clothes, Hermann said. Investigators discovered Roberts had also contacted other pregnant women and set up meetings with them that didn’t work out according to Roberts’ plan, he added.

Roberts brought Snively to the Beaverton-area home where she lived with her boyfriend and her two children. She killed Snively in the bathroom, detectives said, covered her in carpet and hid the body in a crawl space beneath the house.

She called her boyfriend, Yan Shubin, sounding pained and telling him she needed help delivering her baby.

Shubin came home to find Roberts in the bathtub with the water running, crying uncontrollably and holding the baby boy.

Paramedics drove Roberts and the baby to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. Doctors pronounced the baby dead and although Roberts initially refused to submit to an exam, doctors eventually completed it and determined Roberts had not given birth recently.

Doctors ordered a psychological evaluation, and a psychologist found no psychosis or other mental disorders.

Hospital staff called police, who arrested Korena Roberts and found Snively in Roberts’ home that night.

An autopsy showed Snively suffered 15 to 30 blows, mostly to the back of her head, cuts to her right breast and abdomen and bite marks on her right arm.

The medical examiner determined the head injuries probably knocked Snively unconscious, but it was the incision to her abdomen and loss of blood that killed her.

Snively’s fiance, Chris Popp, made a brief statement in court, telling Roberts he would have liked to have seen her sentenced to death.

“You’ve taken away my fiancee, my son — I don’t know what to say to you,” he said.

After the hearing, he said that although he wanted Roberts to receive the harshest term possible, he’s relieved with the closure that the sentence brings.

As Snively’s father, Kevin Snively, addressed Korena Roberts in court, a slideshow displayed photos of his daughter in the courtroom. Snively began narrating at one point, naming other family members close to his firstborn daughter. Roberts sobbed silently

“I hope you never forget this,” Snively said.

In the statement from Snively’s mother and stepfather, the Kidds described Snively as a happy, generous woman who always had “a smile that would light up a room.”

“There is no punishment severe enough for what you did,” the statement read. “We hope you’re haunted every day for the rest of your life by what you did.”


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