Angenette Welk-Missett Fatal DUI Crash

Angenette Welk-Missett
Angenette Welk-Missett

Angenette Welk-Missett is a killer from Florida who was convicted in the death of Sandra Clarkston in a DUI crash

According to court documents Angenette Welk-Missett was driving drunk when she slammed into the back of another vehicle. That vehicle would be pushed into a semi trailer.

Sixty year old Sandra Clarkston would die from her injuries four days after the crash

Angenette Welk-Missett would make headlines for smiling during her arrest however she would not be smiling for long

Once she was convicted Angenette Welk-Missett would be sentenced to eleven years in prison for the fatal DUI crash

Angenette Welk-Missett Now

Angenette Welk-Missett
DC Number:I80383
Birth Date:11/19/1973
Initial Receipt Date:06/04/2019
Current Facility:LOWELL WORK CAMP
Current Custody:MINIMUM
Current Release Date:08/26/2028

Angenette Welk-Missett Case

A Florida woman who made national headlines last year when she smiled in her mugshot after a drunk driving crash was sentenced to prison Thursday.

Angenette Welk-Missett, of Ocala, was sentenced to 11 years in prison after she pleaded no contest to a charge of driving under the influence manslaughter and two counts of DUI with property damage.

The judge said Welk-Missett must serve at least four years before she is eligible for release.

Welk-Missett was driving down U.S. Highway 27 in Marion County on May 10, 2018, Florida Highway Patrol troopers said, when she rear-ended a Hyundai Elantra that then slammed into a semi-truck.

Sandra Clarkston, 60, of Sarasota, died four days later from injuries suffered in the crash.

Welk-Missett spoke during sentencing and said she is a changed person.

“I am very very sorry for your loss, your mother is woven into my DNA. I think about her every single day and I dream about her every single night, and I am truly sorry and if I could change spots with your mother, I would in a heartbeat,” she said.

The family of the victim was very clear about letting the woman heading to prison know how they felt.

“All because of her choice, I will never see my mom again,” Clarkston’s daughter Keonna Sciacca said.

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