Ngor Makuey Murders 97 Year Old Man

Ngor Makuey was a nineteen year old living in Iowa when he would break into a home and attack an elderly couple

According to court documents Ngor would force his way into the home of ninety seven year old Rupert Anderson and his wife Harriet. Ngor would beat the elderly couple using a metal spatula. Rupert Anderson would die from his injuries and Harriet was badly hurt

The television program COPS would actually catch Makuey outside of the victim’s home as they were driving around Des Moines with local police

Ngor Makuey would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison

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Ngor Makuey

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Where Is Ngor Makuey Now

Ngor is incarcerated at Iowa State Penitentiary

When Is Ngor Makuey Release Date

Ngor is serving life in prison however is eligible for parole in 2031

Ngor Makuey Case

A Des Moines man was sentenced Monday to life behind bars.

Ngor Makuey, 20, is an Ethiopian refugee who’s been living in northeast Des Moines. He was convicted of killing his 97-year-old neighbor Rupert Anderson.

Makuey broke into the Anderson home on East 46th Street in July 2014 and attacked Rupert with a grilling spatula, killing him. and his wife Harriet. Rupert was killed in the attack and his wife, 95-year-old Harriet was seriously injured. She later died in March of 2015.

Rupert’s wife, 95-year-old Harriet Anderson, was seriously injured. She survived the attack but later died in March 2015.

Makuey tried using an insanity defense, but the judge didn’t agree and found him guilty. He was sentenced Monday and receive the mandatory term of life in prison.

Ngor Makuey Interrogation Video

Ngor Makuey Sentencing

A Des Moines man who beat an elderly neighbor to death was sentenced Monday in a Polk County court.

Last month, a judge found Ngor Makuey, 20, guilty of first-degree murder. Makuey broke into the home of Rupert and Harriet Anderson and attacked the couple, killing Rupert with a metal spatula.

Makuey’s attorney used the insanity defense during the trial, but witnesses say they saw no signs of mental illness.

Makuey received a sentence of life in prison plus two years sentence for Count 2 as well as ordered to pay a restitution of $150,000. Count 2 is assault with intent to commit serious injury.

Counts 3 and 4 will run concurrently with Count 1.  Count 3 was first-degree robbery and Count 4 was first-degree burglary.

Judge Jeffrey Farrell said Count 2 is to run consecutively to respect that there was a second victim in this case.

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