Sonny Enraca Murders Dedrick Gobert

Sonny Enraca was sentenced to death by the State of California for a double murder which one of the victims was actor Dedrick Gobert who portrayed Dooky in Boyz N The Hood

According to court documents Sonny Enraca was at a illegal car race in Mira Loma California when an argument broke out among gang members. Soon after Dedrick Gobert and his friend 19-year-old Ignacio Hernandez would be fatally shot. A young woman would also be shot and it would leave her paralyzed from the neck down

Sonny Enraca was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Sonny Enraca Now

CDCR NumberP48601
Admission Date07/29/1999
Current LocationSan Quentin State Prison
Location LinkDirections
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year)CONDEMNED

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Sonny Enraca Case

Late one evening Maile Gilleres and Jenny Hyon accompanied Ignacio
Hernandez and Dedrick Gobert to the site of illegal street races. During one race
Hernandez‘s car was cut off by an ―Asian‖ 8 driver. Both men got out of their cars
and fought. At least 10 other Asians surrounded Hernandez, but when the police
arrived, everyone drove away.
Gobert, Hernandez, Hyon, and Gilleres drove to a nearby pizza parlor.
When they got out of their cars, the same group of Asians approached them and
the two groups cursed at one another. One of the Asians, whom Gilleres described
as a Filipino,9 pointed a gun at Hyon. He put the weapon away when a slightly
older Asian man said something to him. Gilleres told the older man that she

would get her group to leave if he and his friends did the same. He nodded in
agreement and the two groups parted.
Gobert got into his car and drove up and down the street for several
minutes. A different group of 15 to 35 Asians, dressed in red, started chanting,
―Blood, blood, blood.‖ Gilleres assumed they were claiming to be members of the
Bloods gang. Gobert parked and approached the group. Making hand signs
indicating he was a member of the Crips gang, Gobert said to them, ―What‘s up,
A gang expert testified that it would be an insult for a member of a Crips
gang to address members of a Bloods gang as ―cuz‖ because the term is used to
refer to Crips. He further testified they would have lost credibility in the gang
culture if they had failed to avenge such an insult. Therefore, an attack on Gobert
carried out under these circumstances would be undertaken for the benefit of
defendant‘s Akraho Boyz Crazzys (ABC) gang.
The Asians immediately charged Gobert, threw him to the ground, and beat
him. As Hernandez and Gilleres tried to shield him, gunshots rang out. Gilleres
saw an Asian man shooting down at Hernandez. Hyon was struck by a bullet. As
a result of a neck wound, she was paralyzed from the chest down.
Gilleres did not identify defendant in a pretrial photo lineup. She testified
at trial that he was not the person she saw shoot Hernandez. Instead, the shooter
appeared to be the person who had pointed a gun at Hyon in the preceding
incident. Hyon was unable to identify her assailant. She testified it was possible
the shooter was the person who had earlier pointed a gun at her.

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