Terry Langford Executed For 2 Montana Murders

Terry Langford was executed by the State of Montana for a double murder

According to court documents Langford would break into the home of Ned and Celene Blackwood. Langford would murder the couple and then rob the home and flee

Langford would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Langford would murder a fellow inmate during a prison riot

Terry Langford would be executed by lethal injection on February 24 1998

Terry Langford Photos

Terry Langford - Montana

Terry Langford Case

A drifter who came to Montana to become a mountain man and wound up murdering a couple was executed Tuesday morning, taking any hope of an explanation for the killings to his grave.

In the nine years Terry Allen Langford was on death row, he never said why he tied up and killed Ned and Celene Blackwood at their ranch home in 1988.Langford, 31, was executed by injection after nine years of swinging back and forth between resignation and court appeals.

It was only the state’s second execution since 1943.


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