Tiffany Hall Murders 5 In Illinois

Tiffany Hall is a killer from Illinois who would be convicted of five murders

According to court documents Tiffany Hall would go to the home of her pregnant friend Jimella Tunstall. Once at the home Tiffany would beat Jimella Tunstall with a table leg before cutting the fetus from her body. The unborn baby would not survive

Tiffany Hall would then drown DeMond Tunstall, 7; Ivan Tunstall-Collins 2; and Jinella Tunstall, 1, in the bathtub before sticking their bodies in a washer and dryer

Tiffany Hall would take the body of Jimella Tunstall from the home and dispose of it in an empty lot. Police would later discover the body and days later find the bodies of the murdered children.

Tiffany Hall would later tell her boyfriend about the murders and he would in turn tell the police

Tiffany Hall would be arrested, plead guilty to avoid the death penalty and would be sentenced to five life sentences

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Offender Status: IN CUSTODY

Admission Date: 06/10/2008

Last Paroled Date:

Projected Discharge Date: INELIGIBLE

Tiffany Hall Case

A woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing her pregnant friend, the unborn child and the victim’s three children in a plea deal that allowed her to avoid the death penalty.

Tiffany Hall, 26, pleaded guilty to all five charges against her — four counts of murder and one count of intentional homicide in the death of the fetus — and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Hall struck her friend Jimella Tunstall, 23, on the head repeatedly with a table leg, then cut Tunstall’s fetus from her womb in a bathtub, prosecutor Robert Haida said. Tunstall bled to death, Haida said. Hall then dumped her friend’s body in an East St. Louis lot.

Hours later, Hall told police in Illinois she had given birth to a stillborn child. When police arrived, she had the dead fetus with her. She refused to be examined at a hospital.

Three days later, Hall visited the father of two of Tunstall’s children and the unborn child, Haida said. The father was caring for all the children, Haida said. Hall told the father that Tunstall wanted her to pick up the children and Tunstall’s vehicle, he told police.

The father told the officers that was the last time he saw his children, Haida said.

Hall then drowned the three children — DeMond Tunstall, 7, Ivan Tunstall-Collins 2, and Jinella Tunstall, 1 — in the same bathtub where she killed their mother, Haida said.

Story begins to unravel
Authorities said Hall’s story began to unravel on Sept. 21, 2006, about a week after Tunstall’s death, when she told her boyfriend that she killed a pregnant woman and stole the fetus. He told police.

The bodies of the three children were found two days later hidden in a washer and dryer inside the East St. Louis apartment where the children had lived with their mother.

One of Hall’s attorneys, James Gomric, said he could not speak to a motive or discuss whether his client had shown remorse. He said Hall had been mentally fit to stand trial, but she also had unresolved mental health issues and had an IQ in the mid-70s.

After the hearing, some of Tunstall’s relatives said they had already forgiven Hall. Sandra Myers, Jimella Tunstall’s mother, said taking one life would not have been justice for losing the lives of others. “I have to forgive her,” she said

Tiffany Hall News

An Illinois woman pleaded guilty to killing her pregnant friend, the unborn child and the victim’s three children, and will spend the rest of her life in prison.

The plea deal was announced at a court hearing Monday for 26-year-old Tiffany Hall. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

St. Clair County State’s Attorney Robert Haida says prosecutors agreed to no longer pursue the death penalty in exchange for the plea.

The killings happened in 2006. Authorities say Hall struck Jimella Tunstall on the head repeatedly with a table leg, then cut her fetus from the womb. Tunstall’s three young children were found dead in the washing machine and dryer of their East St. Louis, Ill., apartment.

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