Peyton Green Murders Newborn In Colorado

Peyton Green is a killer from Colorado who was convicted of the murder of her newborn son

According to court documents Peyton Green would give birth at her parent’s home and soon after would place the newborn in a plastic bag and hid it in a cabinet. Green would soon after be rushed to the hospital where tests showed that she had recently given birth. Green would deny being pregnant or even having sex. However her story soon fell apart

Peyton Green would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to forty years in prison

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A Douglas County woman has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the death of her newborn baby. Peyton M. Green was arrested more than three years ago after the baby’s body was found hidden in a bathroom cabinet at her home.

The investigation began when Green arrived at the UCHealth Highlands Ranch emergency room with concerns over vaginal bleeding. She consented to a Sexual Assault Nurses Examination, or SANE exam where medical staff found Peyton had extensive vaginal lacerations consistent with giving birth.

According to documents, the blood work also showed Peyton was pregnant. Through an ultrasound, doctors confirmed that Green’s cervix was dilated, consistent with a pregnancy.

Green denied ever having intercourse or giving birth. Deputies with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office searched the home where she lived and found the baby’s lifeless body inside a tan grocery store bag underneath a towel in the cabinets below a bathroom sink.

Detectives found texts exchanged with Green’s ex-boyfriend in Colorado Springs and another friend where Green stated that she was pregnant

An autopsy revealed the infant was a live birth.

On Thursday, Green, 22, pleaded guilty to child abuse- knowingly and recklessly causing death.

“Had this mother told the truth about her pregnancy or called for help after giving birth, this tragedy may have been avoided,” District Attorney John Kellner said in a statement. “There were multiple ways to handle an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy, but her selfish and deceitful actions to hide a birth by dumping her newborn’s body in a bag like a piece of trash certainly warrants a lengthy prison sentence.”

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A yearlong investigation culminated with deputies arresting a young woman for allegedly murdering her newborn son. Peyton Green, 20, was arrested Thursday over in Wyoming, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.

Authorities say Green arrived at UC Health in Highlands Ranch on Sept. 26, 2020 for vaginal bleeding. She consented to a sexual assault examination. Doctors and nurses found evidence she was pregnant. That included lacerations, the “pregnancy line,” and what they described as “placental material.” But there was no baby. Authorities worried there might be one at the home.

They searched the residence with her parents’ permission and found a dead newborn stuffed in a bag in a bathroom cabinet, authorities said.

Her parents said they did not know about a pregnancy, with her father saying that Green had been saying she was tired and had cramps. She went upstairs for a bath but was still there an hour later.

“Hey, are you about done?” he said, according to this account.

“I’ll be out in a few,” Peyton Green allegedly answered.

Green stepped out of the bathroom but fell to her knees in the hallway, the father said, according to this account. The parents were going to take her to the hospital, but she fell onto her butt on the steps. They called an ambulance.

According to investigators, Green denied ever having sex or remembering being sexually assaulted.

“I have no recollection of that,” she allegedly said. A nurse suggested that she could have been drugged or raped.

But according to officials, her mother said Green had had a boyfriend in an apparently brief relationship. This ex-boyfriend, who was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, said he first had sex with Green in February 2020. All told, they had sex about 10 times, he said. They broke up in March or April 2020 after she accused him of cheating, he said

But the ex-boyfriend said that Green had recently contacted him in the previous two months before his interview with authorities. She claimed she was pregnant. He did not believe this, he said, insisting they had used protection. Green blocked him, he said.

During the relationship, she told him she had had sex before, and been with eight or more people, he said.

A mutual friend, who also used to date the ex-boyfriend, told investigators that Green contacted her in June 21, 2020, claiming to be pregnant.

“[B]ro i’m pregnant with [the ex’s] kid,” Peyton Green allegedly wrote. She claimed she was 14 weeks pregnant and that he blocked her after she texted him, deputies said. She did not want his child. The women discussed ways she could get an abortion.

Investigators also said they got a search warrant for Green’s phone. They could not get much information out of it, but said she did have a password listed for a “Pregnancy Tracker” app.

The ex-boyfriend agreed to give his DNA and offered to do what he could to help in the investigation, authorities said. Testing determine he and Green were the baby’s parents.

The autopsy determined that the baby boy was almost full term and born alive. The coroner’s report had the cause and manner of death as undetermined, but suggested it was one or more of several possibilities: strangulation (possibly with the umbilical cord), asphyxiation, drowning, smothering, suffocation, hypothermia, or breathing amniotic fluid into the lungs.

Peyton Green faces a count each of murder in the first degree, tampering with a deceased human body, and attempt to influence a public servant. Her attorney did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

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