Sabrina Zunich Murders Foster Mother

Sabrina Zunich was a fifteen year old living in Ohio when she would murder her foster mother

According to court documents Sabrina Zunich was manipulated by her foster father Kevin Knoefel to murder his wife Lisa Knoefel. Sabrina would stab Lisa eleven times and cut her body over a hundred times causing her death

Sabrina Zunich and Kevin Knoefel would be arrested and convicted

Sabrina Zunich would testify against Kevin Knoefel and would receive a life sentence with no shot at parole for thirty years

Kevin Knoefel would be sentenced to life without parole

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When Is Sabrina Zunich Release Date

Sabrina Zunich is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2044

Where is Sabrina Zunich Now

Sabrina Zunich is currently incarcerated at Dayton Correctional Institution

Sabrina Zunich Case

Sabrina Zunich, who brutally killed her foster mother and implicated her foster father in the murder, will be sentenced to prison today.

Zunich, 19, who pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, faces a mandatory life sentence but hopes her cooperation in the case leads Lake County Common Pleas Judge Richard Collins Jr. to allow her to apply for parole after 30 years.

Prosecutors, who said they did not know of Kevin Knoefel’s involvement in his wife’s death until Zunich told them, have recommended she be a candidate for parole.

Zunich has been in the Lake County Jail since Nov. 16, 2012, following her arrest outside Lisa Knoefel’s bedroom.

She had stabbed Knoefel 12 times and cut her 166 times with a 10-inch serrated kitchen knife.

She was not deterred even though Knoefel fought and pleaded for her to stop and the woman’s teenage daughter tried to pull Zunich off her mother and called 911.

Zunich was not indicted on the aggravated murder charge until July 15 , after a Lake County jury convicted Kevin Knoefel of conspiring with Zunich to kill his wife.

Prosecutors have said they were unaware of Zunich’s sexual relationship with Kevin Knoefel or that he had persuaded her to kill Lisa Knoefel until Zunich spoke with them in May, 2013.

Zunich’s attack occurred while Lisa Knoefel, 41, was in bed and Kevin Knoefel was driving a truck from Michigan to Ohio.

The case against Kevin Knoefel for the most part rested on the testimony of Zunich, whose graphically detailed her relationship with Knoefel and what led her to kill Lisa Knoefel.

Zunich had lived at the Knoefel’s Willoughby Hills home since July, 2011. She had been in custody of Lake County officials since 2010 when it was determined she could not longer live with her grandmother because she was unruly.

She testified in Knoefel’s trial that she was doing well in high school and had plans to model or enter cosmetology school.

She said she expected the Knoefel’s to divorce and she would live with Kevin Knoefel. They had had sexual relations since March, 2012.

She testified Knoefel told her he didn’t love his wife anymore and didn’t want a divorce because he didn’t want to share custody of Hailey, their 3-year-old daughter. He told her they could raise Hailey together.

On Nov. 15, 2012, he cried and told her he had gotten in a big fight with his wife and was going to kill himself if she was not dead. So, with his encouragement, she decided to kill Lisa Knoefel.

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