Keith Randulich Murders 4 Year Old Sister

Keith Randulich was seventeen years old living in Illinois when he would stab his four year old sister to death

According to court documents Keith Randulich would take his four year old sister Sabrina Clement down to the basement and would stab the little girl to death

When arrested Keith Randulich he would tell police the reason he would murder Sabrina Clement was that he did not want the child to be abused like he was. The abuse allegations were never proven

Keith Randulich would be sentenced to forty years in prison

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When Is Keith Randulich Release Date

Keith Randulich current release date is 2052

Where Is Keith Randulich Now

Keith Randulich is currently incarcerated at the Pontiac Correctional Center

Keith Randulich Case

Prosecutors on Wednesday played the videotaped confession of a 19-year-old to murdering his 4-year-old half-sister, making public the killer’s motivations for the first time.

Keith Randulich was an 18-year-old, academically successful senior at Lincoln-Way East High School in the Chicago suburbs, in May of 2009. On the night of May 22, with his parents out of the house and his brother playing a video game upstairs, Randulich took Sabrina Clement to the basement of their Mokena, Ill. home and cut her throat.

Investigators found in the basement a collection of horror films, death-metal music, a rubber clown mask and what the Chicago Tribune described at the time as “disturbing writings.”

Randulich has said that he believed young Sabrina was being sexually assaulted by a family member, and that he took her life in order to save her from further abuse. The coroner found no evidence of sexual abuse in Clement’s autopsy.

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Randulich, arguing the especially brutal nature of the crime. To bolster their arguments, they played the tape of his confession, given to police shortly after the murder.

The Chicago Tribune reprinted excerpts from the interview:

When Clement told Randulich she wanted to paint with him, her brother said he would, but asked her to lie on the floor first. He then knelt down, apparently straddling her.

“I just said I loved her and I took out the knife and she smiled at me,” Randulich told the detectives. “I made just a little cut in her neck and she screamed and said, ‘Stop!'”

Randulich told police he thought this would be the fastest way to kill his sister, but it wasn’t and she “was in an extreme amount of pain.”

“She was screaming and fighting,” Randulich said. “(She asked), ‘Why are you killing me?'”

“I kissed her and said, ‘I’m sorry I had to do that,'” Randulich said. “I really loved my sister.”

Randulich will be sentenced on February 2. “I just want to get this over with, whatever my punishment is, it is,” he tells police on the tape.

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A 19-year-old suburban Chicago teen pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Thursday in the killing of his 4-year-old half sister.

Prosecutors say Keith Randulich stabbed Sabrina Clement to death in their Mokena, Ill. home on May 22, 2009.

According to CBS affiliate WBBM, Randulich called 911 about 8 p.m. that day and when police arrived, they found the girl’s body in the basement.

The girl suffered what was described in court by Assistant State’s Attorney Mike Fitzgerald as “numerous and massive stab wounds to her neck,” according to a release from the Will County State Attorney’s office.

The teen allegedly told police at the time that he had killed the girl because someone was abusing her. Because he couldn’t kill her abuser, Randulich said, he killed his half sister instead.

He took the girl to the basement of his home and stabbed her to death with a steak knife while she was lying on the floor. His parents were not home at the time.

Prosecutors will argue that the crime was brutal and heinous when they ask the judge to hand down a life sentence.

“This was a crime of unspeakable cruelty and horror,” said State’s Attorney James Glasgow. “One cannot begin to fathom what would prompt a young man to commit such an atrocity against his little sister.”

Randulich will be sentenced Jan. 25.

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