Robert Williams Murders Velma McDowell In Ohio

Robert Williams was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the murder of Velma McDowell

According to court documents Robert Williams would break into the home of eighty eight year old Velma McDowell. The woman would be sexually assaulted and murdered

Robert Williams would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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A man who told police he had consensual sex with an 88-year-old woman but had nothing to do with her death was convicted Wednesday of killing and raping her.

Robert Williams Jr., 35, told police that Velma McDowell invited him into her apartment Feb. 18 and they had sex. He said he panicked afterward and placed a pair of pantyhose around her neck, pulling once but not killing her.

A jury convicted Williams of murder, rape, burglary and robbery. Jurors will begin deciding Thursday whether he should be sentenced to die or given life in prison. Prosecutors will push for the death penalty.

Defense attorney Merle Dech said he wouldn’t comment until the sentence is determined.

Williams was staying with his mother at the apartment complex where Mrs. McDowell lived. Neighbors said Mrs. McDowell often left her door open and they saw Williams near her apartment around the time of the slaying.

He shoved a rag down her throat, raped her and strangled her with the pantyhose, police said. He admitted taking about $300 from her purse to pay for a car and crack cocaine.

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