Murder Database – W

On this page at Murder Database you will find all of the people who have been convicted of murder that have the last name starting with W. The names in italics are female

Murder Database – WA TO WD

Donald Wackerly

Warren Waddy

Rachel Wade

Charles Waid

Christopher Waide

Anthony Wainwright

Kirt Wainwright

Robert Walden

Bobby Waldrop

Billy Waldrop

Brandon Walker

Charles Walker

Darick Walker

Gary Walker

Jack Walker

James Walker

Marques Walker

Tony Walker

Craig Wall

Dakota Wall

Donald Wallace

George Wallace

Henry Wallace

Othal Wallace

Frank Walls

Robert Walls

Christina Walters

Judith Walthers

Candace Walton

Jason Walton

Adam Ward

Bruce Ward

David Ward

John Ward

Lucky Ward

Roy Ward

Sheldon Ward

Thomas Ward

Billy Wardlow

Faryion Wardrip

David Ware

Byron Waring

Charles Warner

Brandon Warren

Lesley Warren

Charlie Washington

David Washington

Terry Washington

Willie Washington

Eliza Wasni

Fred Waterfield

Robert Waterhouse

Deasia Watkins

Gerald Watkins

Johnny Watkins

Ronald Watkins

Curtis Watson

Willie Watson

James Watts

Kevin Watts

Jordyn Wade

Alton Waye

Murder Database – WE TO WH

Obie Weathers

Emile Weaver

Kassceen Weaver

Freddie Webb

Jeremy Webster

Terry Wedding

Dwayne Weeks

Lonnie Weeks

Varnall Weeks

Jeffrey Weisheit

Frank Welch

Gary Welch

Seth Welch

Angenette Welk-Missett

Marcus Wellons

Amos Wells

Keith Wells

William Wells

Kruse Wellwood

James Were

Coy Wesbrook

Hersie Wesson

Angela West

Geoffrey West

Robert West

Stephen West

Thomas West

Anthony Westley

Elizabeth Wettlaufer

Robert Wharton

Donald Whatley

Frederick Whatley

John Wheat

Roger Wheeler

Krystal Whipple

Thomas Whisenhant

Christopher Whitaker

Thomas Whitaker

Billy White

Clifton White

Dakota White

Garcia White

Jerry White

Justin White

Karu White

Larry White – Kentucky

Larry White – Texas

Leroy White

Melvin White

Ramon White

Robert White

Sarah Cindy White

Timothy White

Eric Whitehead

Jasmiyah Whitehead

Larry Whitehead

Tasmiyah Whitehead

Ernest Whitfield

Richard Whitley

Jonas Whitmore

Gary Whitton

Ernest Wholaver

Murder Database – WI TO WN

Chester Wicker

William Wickland

David Wiggins

Bobby Wilcher

Darious Wilcox

Mark Wiles

James Wiley

Benjamin Wilkins

George Wilkerson

Ponchai Wilkerson

Richard Wilkerson

James Wilkens

Christopher Wilkins

Phillip Wilkinson

Willie Wilkes

Robert Will

Brianna Williams

Dobie Williams

Doyle Williams

Dylan Williams

Eric Williams

Jeremy Williams

Hernando Williams

Keith Williams

Marlon Williams

Opal Williams

Perry Williams

Robert Williams

Roy Williams

Tyrone Williams

Warren Williams

Dana Williamson

Jackie Willingham

Mitchell Willoughby

Andrew Willson

Charlie Wilkinson

Chadwick Willacy

Alan Willett

Andre Williams

Anthony Williams

Clifford Williams

Eugene Williams

Jason Williams

Jeffrey Williams

Jessie Williams

John Williams

Joseph Williams

Kenneth Williams

Lewis Williams

Luke Williams

Luther Williams

Manling Tsang Williams

Marcel Williams

Richard Williams

Robert Williams – Ohio

Robert Williams

Ronald Williams

Stanley Williams

Walter Williams

Willie Williams

Robert Lee Willie

Cameron Willingham

Demetrius Willis

Ali Willis

Henry Willis

Howard Willis

Andrea Lea Wilson

Daniel Wilson

David Wilson

Jackie Wilson

James Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Joey Wilson

Kenneth Wilson

Marvin Wilson

Michael Wilson

Richard Wilson

Robert Wilson

Corey Wimbley

Teah Wimberly

Curtis Windom

Ethan Windom

Harvey Windsor

Shawn Windsor

Madison Wine

John Winfield

Jimmy Wingo

Louis Winkler

Maxwell Winkler

Hastings Wise

Jessie Wise

Johnny Witt

Tylar Witt

William Mark Wize

Murder Database – WO TO WT

Jeffrey Wogenstahl

Kristen Wolf

Shirley Wolf

Steven Wolf

Bryan Wolfe

Brian Womble

Alice Wood

Peter Woodcock

David Wood

Holly Wood

Jeffery Wood

John Wood

Joseph Wood

Stephen Wood

Termane Wood

Robert Woodall

Aric Woodard

Robert Woodard

Michael Woodbury

Thomas Woodel

David Woodruff

Anthony Woods

Billy Woods

Bobby Wayne Woods

Darrell Woods

David Woods

Nathaniel Woods

Steven Woods

Mario Woodward

Paul Woodward

Ronald Woomer

Michael Woolf

Randy Woolls

Larry Wooten

Philip Workman

Windel Workman

James Worley

William Woratzeck

Michael Worthington

Daniel Wozniak

Amber Wright

Douglas Wright

Dwayne Wright

Freddie Wright

Gregory Wright

Joel Wright

Tavares Wright

Murder Database – WU TO WZ

Aileen Wuornos

William Wyatt

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