Robin Archer And Patrick Bonifay Murder Billy Coker

Robin Archer and Patrick Bonifay would be sentenced to death for the murder of Billy Coker

According to court documents Robin Archer would be fired from his job and he blamed fellow employee Billy Coker

Robin Archer would convince his seventeen year old nephew Patrick Bonifay to rob the store and murder Billy Coker which he did

Robin Archer and Patrick Bonifay would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Since Patrick Bonifay was seventeen at the time of the murder he would be resentenced to life in prison

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Robin Archer is incarcerated at Union Correctional Institution

Robin Archer Case

According to the testimony presented at trial, Archer was fired from his job at an auto parts store in March 1990. The following January he convinced his cousin, seventeen-year-old Pat Bonifay, to kill the clerk he apparently blamed for his having been fired. Bonifay testified that Archer told him to rob the store to hide the motive for the killing and to wear a ski mask and gloves and also told him the location of the store’s cash box and emergency exit. Bonifay borrowed a handgun from a friend who gave the gun to Archer to give to Bonifay.

Bonifay talked two friends into helping him, and the trio went to the parts store on Friday night, January 24, 1991. Bonifay could not go through with the murder, however, and they left the store. The next day Archer got after Bonifay for not killing the clerk, and the trio went back to the store that night. Bonifay shot the clerk and he and one of his friends crawled into the store through the night parts window. After opening the cash boxes, Bonifay shot the clerk in the head twice as he lay on the floor begging for his life. Archer later refused to pay Bonifay because he killed the wrong clerk.

Bonifay confessed to several people, one of whom informed the authorities, resulting in the arrest of Archer, Bonifay, and Bonifay’s two friends. The defendants were tried separately, and Archer’s jury convicted him of first-degree murder. The judge agreed with the jury’s recommendation and sentenced him to death.[2]

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