Murder Database – J

On this page at Murder Database you will find all of the people who have been convicted of murder that have the last name starting with J. The names in italics are female

Murder Database JA TO JD

Alexander Jackson

Christopher Jackson

Cleveland Jackson

Derrick Jackson

Donell Jackson

Henry Jackson

James Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson

Jerry Jackson

Kareem Jackson

Kent Jackson

Larry Jackson

Nate Jackson

Richard Jackson

Robert Jackson

Shonelle Jackson

Tommy Jackson

Bruce Jacobs

Timothy Jacoby

Hayden Jagst

Stanley Jalowiec

Angelina Jamele

Antonio James

Edward James

Joe James

Johnny James

Terrance James

Allen Janecka

Ray Jasper

James Jaynes

Murder Database – JE TO JH

Joseph Jean

Jimmie Jeffers

Sonny Jeffries

Arthur Jenkins

Jerome Jenkins

Leo Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins

Willie Jenkins

Scarlett Jenkinson

Brandy Jennings

Desmond Jennings

Robert Jennings

Joseph Jernigan

Cheyanne Jessie

Murder Database – JI TO JN

Jose Jimenez

Joseph Jimenez

Murder Database – JO TO JT

Stephen Johns

Anthony Johnson

Bart Johnson

Carl Johnson

Cecil Johnson

Christopher Johnson

Christopher Johnson – Pennsylvania

Corey JohnsonExecution

Corey Johnson – Florida

Curtis Johnson

David Johnson

Derrick Johnson

Dexter Johnson

Donald Johnson

Donnie Johnson

Dorsie Johnson

Eddie Johnson

Edward Johnson

Elliot Johnson

Ernest Johnson

Gary Johnson

Gregory Johnson

Harve Johnson

James Johnson

James C Johnson

James R Johnson

Johnny Johnson – Texas

Johnny Johnson – Missouri

Justine Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Kia Johnson

Larry Johnson

Lonnie Johnson

Marcel Johnson

Malcolm Johnson

Marcus Johnson

Marvin Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Mauricio Johnson

Nickolus Johnson

Raymond Johnson

Richard Johnson

Ronnie Johnson

Ruben Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Tapero Johnson

Toforest Johnson

Tyrone Johnson

Vincent Johnson

Ray Johnston

Orien Joiner

Makaylia Jolley

Aaron Jones – Alabama

Aaron Jones – Pennsylvania

Andrew Jones

Antonio Jones

Arthur Jones

Ashley Jones

Ashley Lyndol Jones

Claude Jones

Danny Jones

DL Jones

Donald Jones

George Alarick Jones

Harry Jones

Henry Jones

Jack Jones

Jeremy Bryan Jones

Jerry William Jones

Kenneth Jones

Leo Jones

Louis Jones

Odraye Jones

Phillip Jones

Quintin Jones

Randall Jones

Raymond Jones

Richard Jones

Robert Jones

Stephanie Jones

TJ Jones

Timothy Jones

Victor Jones

William Jones

William Robert Jones

Willie Jones

David Jordan

Jason Joseph

Marlin Joseph

Ronnie Joseph

Elijah Joubert

John Joubert

Nathaniel Jouett

Murder Database – JU TO JZ

Steven Judy

Arthur Julius

Anthony Juniper

Buddy Justus