Terrance Taylor Murders 2 In North Carolina

Terrance Taylor was sentenced to death by the State of North Carolina for a double murder

According to court documents Terrance Taylor would murder Clarence Jones and Michael Smith as he believed they had robbed him at an earlier date

Terrance Taylor would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Terrance Taylor

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Offender Number:0539901                                          
Inmate Status:ACTIVE
Birth Date:05/14/1971
Current Location:CENTRAL PRISON

Terrence Taylor Case

At trial, the State’s evidence tended to show that Venice Taylor, a first cousin of defendant’s, knew that Antoinette Gilchrist had been selling marijuana for defendant for approximately six months prior to the murders.   Venice Taylor stated that he was at his uncle Charles Taylor’s home in the Simon Bright Apartments about one week before the murders, which occurred on 13 January 1996.   Defendant, who shared the apartment with Charles Taylor, was also in the apartment at this time.   Venice Taylor overheard defendant talking on the phone with Gilchrist.   Defendant was discussing how some “weed” was stolen from Gilchrist, and defendant told Gilchrist to show him who took it.   Following this phone conversation, defendant stated that whoever had stolen his marijuana was going to get his “sh-pushed back.”   Venice Taylor (hereinafter “Taylor”) testified that he understood this phrase to mean that defendant was going to shoot someone in the head.   Defendant then left to go to Gilchrist’s house.

The next morning, Taylor again saw defendant at his uncle’s apartment.   Defendant told Taylor that he was going to return to New York. Defendant frequently traveled back and forth between New York and Kinston, but he resided in New York. While in Kinston, defendant stayed with either Charles Taylor or with Crystal Jones, who lived nearby.   Defendant also kept a lot of marijuana at Gilchrist’s house.

On 12 January 1996, approximately one week after Taylor last saw defendant, Taylor was at his uncle’s home with his cousins, Johnny James and Chris Kent, and a “dude” from Maryland whom he did not know.   It was close to 10:30 p.m., and they were all watching a basketball game on television.   At that time, defendant and Bobby Jennings entered the apartment and sat down.   Taylor, Jennings and defendant left the apartment to obtain beer, returned and then drove to a local nightclub called “The Vibe” in James’ Mercedes Benz. In the car, and before they arrived at The Vibe, defendant stated that “somebody’s going to get it tonight.”

Inside the club, Clarence Jones approached Taylor and asked him for a cigarette.   Approximately thirty minutes after they arrived at the club, Michael Cannon entered the club to find Taylor.   Cannon took Taylor outside The Vibe, where Taylor observed defendant holding one of the victims, Michael Smith, by his coat collar.   Defendant told Smith, “I know you robbed me, so you’ll pay for it.”   At the same time, defendant held a gun to Smith’s back.   Taylor grabbed defendant and pulled him away from Smith.   Defendant then pointed the gun at the head of a man named Chad. Taylor and James grabbed defendant’s hand because they thought he was going to shoot Chad. While this occurred, the two victims, Michael Smith and Clarence Jones, walked away from the club.

When the Vibe closed for the night, James, Kent, Taylor, defendant and the “dude” from Maryland got back into the Mercedes Benz and proceeded to get something to eat.   They rode to a take-out restaurant located next to K-town Taxi. After thirty minutes at the restaurant, they all rode to an area of Kinston known as “Georgetown.”   Once in Georgetown, they stopped at a house because James wanted to see his girlfriend.   She was not there, but the house was filled with people playing pool and drinking alcohol.   A fight began inside the house, and defendant participated in this fight.   Immediately after the fight, Taylor, James, Kent, defendant and the “dude” from Maryland got back into the Mercedes Benz and drove away.

After leaving the house in Georgetown, they drove to Crystal Jones’ house for the second time that night.   Taylor knew that defendant kept his cocaine and guns at Jones’ house.   Everyone waited inside the car while defendant entered Jones’ house.   After approximately ten minutes, defendant returned to the Mercedes Benz. They all rode in the car to Simon Bright Apartments.   From the car, defendant saw the two victims, Michael Smith and Clarence Jones.   Defendant got out of the car and walked over to Smith and Jones.   It appeared to Taylor that defendant was speaking to Smith, but Taylor could not hear anything because the car windows were up.   Approximately one minute after defendant left the car, defendant shot Smith.   Defendant then shot Jones.

Defendant got back into the car and told Taylor to “forget them country boys.   They should not have robbed me.”   At defendant’s request, James drove the Mercedes Benz to Yashica Miller’s house located in the Richard Green Apartments.   On the way to Miller’s apartment, Taylor repeatedly asked defendant why he had to do it, and defendant answered that the victims should not have robbed him.   Defendant also stated that Smith and Jones “got it flatbush style in the head.”

Once they arrived at Miller’s house, everyone stayed inside the car except the defendant.   Defendant entered the house and stayed approximately five to ten minutes.   Defendant then got back into the Mercedes Benz. Taylor, James, Kent and the “dude” from Maryland were still in the car.   They all drove to the Sheraton Inn. On the way to the Sheraton Inn, they drove over a bridge where defendant threw bullet shells out the car window.   Defendant and Taylor were still arguing about the murders while riding to the Sheraton Inn.

When they arrived at the Sheraton, everyone from the Mercedes Benz went inside.   The five men shared two connecting rooms.   Sometime after 12:00 p.m. the next day, defendant received a page on his beeper.   Defendant called the Kinston Police Department and learned that the police had a warrant for him.   When defendant told Taylor about the warrant, defendant laughed.   Defendant then stated that since the police were coming, he needed to switch rooms.   Defendant called the Comfort Inn, which was across the street from the Sheraton, and he inquired as to whether the Comfort Inn had any rooms available.   Defendant sent the “dude” from Maryland over there and told James, Kent and Taylor not to say anything to the police.   Approximately thirty minutes later, the police arrived.

Initially, defendant tried to hide under the mattress when the police knocked on his motel room door.   Defendant then changed his mind, answered the door and told the police his name was Eric Fludd.   Both Taylor and defendant were taken to the police station and placed in custody.   At this point, Taylor told the police everything defendant had done.


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