Maria Catabay Murders 2 In Florida

Maria Catabay Florida

Maria Catabay is a killer from Florida who would be convicted in her involvement in two murders

According to court documents Maria Catabay was working as an office manager for Doctor Paul Jarrett. Turns out on top of her duties Catabay was also embezzling money from her employer and eventually she would write a letter to the Doctor confessing her thieving ways. However after she sent it she had a change of heart and would get Juan Carlos Fernandez and Jose Barco to break into the Doctor’s home to steal the letter

However something would go wrong and 82-year-old Paul Jarrett and 47-year-old Gregg Jarret would be fatally shot.

Maria Cataby would be arrested, found not guilty of murder however she would be convicted of armed burglary and sentenced to thirty years in prison

Juan Carlos Fernandez would be convicted and sentenced to thirty years in prison

Jose Barco would be convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Maria Cataby Now

maria catabay today
DC Number:453972
Birth Date:10/01/1964
Initial Receipt Date:07/02/2009
Current Facility:GADSDEN C.F.
Current Custody:MEDIUM
Current Release Date:10/14/2029

Juan Carlos Fernandez Now

juan carlos fernandez today
DC Number:B14483
Birth Date:09/09/1970
Initial Receipt Date:01/22/2016
Current Facility:WAKULLA ANNEX
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:11/01/2031

Jose Barco Now

jose barco today
DC Number:B08006
Birth Date:10/29/1946
Initial Receipt Date:01/22/2010
Current Facility:BLACKWATER C.F.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:SENTENCED TO LIFE

Maria Catabay Case

A Florida judge has sentenced Maria Catabay to 30 years in prison for masterminding a 2003 burglary that left a prominent doctor and his son dead.

Catabay, 44, was Dr. Paul Jarrett’s office manager and was convicted of sending her boyfriend and another man to his home to break in and steal a letter she had written in which she confesses to embezzlement

The caper went bad, however, and the 82-year-old psychiatrist and his son, Gregg Jarrett, 47, were shot to death.

Catabay was acquitted of murder charges last month but was convicted of armed burglary.

The Miami Herald said Wednesday that Catabay could have received probation because she had no prior convictions. However, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Stanford Blake said Dr. Jarrett had already given Catabay a second chance by not turning her in for the embezzlement.

Maria Catabay News

A man convicted in the killing of a South Florida doctor and his adult son has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The Miami Herald reports that 45-year-old Juan Carlos Fernandez pleaded guilty to murder Thursday.

Authorities say 82-year-old Paul Jarrett and 47-year-old Gregg Jarrett were fatally shot as they slept at their Coral Gables home in July 2003. Officials say Fernandez and another man, Jose Barco, broke into the home to retrieve a letter that proved Fernandez’s then-girlfriend, Maria Catabay, had stolen money from the doctor. She had been Dr. Paul Jarrett’s office manager.

Catabay is already serving 30 years for the slaying, and Barco is serving a life sentence.

Fernandez and Barco both have claimed the other did the actual killing.

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