Andre Staton Murders Beverly Yohn In PA

Andre Staton was sentenced to death by the State of Pennsylvania for the murder of Beverly Yohn

According to court documents Beverly Yohn left Andre Staton due to ongoing physical abuse and would file a restraining order against him. However Staton would break the order and break into her mother’s home where he would murder Beverly Yohn in front of her children

Andre Staton would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Andre Staton Photos

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Andre Staton Now

Parole Number: 793GM
Age: 60
Date of Birth: 05/18/1963
Race/Ethnicity: BLACK
Height: 5′ 10″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Current Location: PHOENIX

Permanent Location: PHOENIX
Committing County: BLAIR

Andre Staton Case

The record establishes that Andre Staton and Beverly Yohn were in an intimate relationship during which Appellant was physically and verbally abusive. As a result of the abuse, Yohn and her two sons moved to the residence of Yohn’s mother, Penny Lantz. In January of 2004, Yohn reported to police that Appellant had struck her. She subsequently filed a Protection From Abuse (“PFA”) petition, and a temporary PFA order was entered against Appellant on January 27, 2004. Following a subsequent hearing, the trial court entered a final PFA order on February 19, 2004.

While at a bar several days later on February 24, 2004, Andre Staton told the bartender about his frustrations with his girlfriend, and about how he had peeked in the window at her the night before. He also indicated that he gave her a substantial amount of money for a house that he could no longer live in, but stated that he would soon take care of the matter. The next morning, Andre Staton was seen inside a parked car approximately one and one-half blocks away from the residence of Yohn’s mother. Yohn’s son, Justin, was outside the home when he saw Andre Staton run up to the rear porch of the residence with his finger to his lips, directing Justin to be quiet. Appellant then kicked in the door and entered the kitchen. With Yohn’s son, Jeremy, in the room, Staton opened his jacket, pulled out a knife, and began stabbing Yohn until she fell to the floor with the large knife still in her back. Appellant then fled through the back door, and encountered Justin outside waiting in the car to go to school. Appellant threw Justin from the car and drove away in it. Yohn died later that day from her injuries. Appellant was thereafter charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault, burglary, criminal trespass, receiving stolen property, and theft by unlawful taking

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