Anthony Francois Murders 3 In Texas

Anthony Francois was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for a triple murder

According to court documents Anthony Francois would go over to the home of his ex girlfriend and murder three of her sisters: Nikesha Patterson, 15, Ashley Patterson, 11, and Britanny Patterson, 10.

Anthony Francois was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Anthony Francois is incarcerated at the Polunsky Unit

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A Harris County jury sentenced Anthony Quinn Francois to death today for killing the young sisters of his ex-girlfriend.

“This man slaughtered a family, and I think the verdict the jury gave was highly appropriate,” Assistant District Attorney Terese Buess said after the verdict this morning.

Francois, 36, was convicted last week of killing Ashley Patterson, 11, and Britteny Patterson, 10, on Sept. 11, 2003.

He also was accused, but not tried, in the shooting death of another sister, Naikesha Patterson, 15.

Francois told police he shot the girls in a fit of jealous rage after learning that his ex-girlfriend, only 16 then, was dating a boy closer to her own age. He also wounded her and her mother.

Several family members expressed forgiveness in victim impact statements read by the young victims’ cousin, 19-year-old Lakeyda Patterson, after the sentencing.

“I forgive you for what you did. I cannot judge you; only God can do that,” wrote the victims’ grandmother, Dorothy Patterson.

Francois was seated and staring down at the defense table as he listened to the statement written by 17-year-old Shemeka Patterson, whom he dated when she was 14 and whose rejection fueled his murderous rage.

“I know you tried to destroy my life, but you didn’t,” she wrote. “Even though my sisters are in a better place, I’m still holding my head up high

Francois’ mother had pleaded for leniency, telling jurors her son was a child of rape and a victim of abuse by his stepfather.

Francois’ family members declined to comment on the sentence.

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