Anthony LaRette Executed Missouri Serial Killer

Anthony LaRette was a serial killer who would be executed by the State of Missouri for a single murder however he would confess to over thirty murders

According to court documents Anthony LaRette would attack Mary Fleming who would be sexually assaulted. The woman was brutally attacked and was able to escape from the apartment however would die from her injuries a short time later

Anthony LaRette would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Anthony LaRette would be executed by lethal injection on November 25 1995

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Anthony LaRette – Missouri

Anthony LaRette Case

A drifter who confessed to more than a dozen slayings was executed by injection early Wednesday for slashing a teen-ager to death during a burglary.

The inmate, Anthony Joe LaRette, was put to death at the Potosi Correctional Center after the United Stated Supreme Court rejected a last-minute appeal.

Despite his confessing to several killings, Mr. LaRette was convicted only of the July 25, 1980, murder of the teen-ager, Mary Fleming, 18, whose throat was slashed after she caught him in a burglary.

In his appeals, Mr. LaRette claimed that he had ineffective legal help during his trial and that because of mental illness caused by head injuries, he could not form the intent necessary to commit capital murder

n his final statement, Mr. LaRette apologized to his family.

On death row for 14 years, Anthony LaRette, 44, tantalized authorities with unsolicited details on killings in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia.

He also confessed to slayings in Florida and Kansas in the 1970’s.

“Tony was a serial murderer-rapist who basically traveled all over the U.S. by bus, and killed and raped women,” said Investigator Richard Lee of the Cole County prosecutor’s office. “He said he would cooperate in clearing up these cases so long as he remained on death row in Missouri.”

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