Brooke Marie Rottiers Murders 2 Men

Brooke Marie Rottiers is a woman from California who was sentenced to death for the murders of two men

Brooke Marie Rottiers was working as a prostitute when she set up a violent armed robbery. Brooke Marie Rottiers would convince two men to meet her up in her hotel room. When the two men would go to the room they would be ambushed, robbed and murdered.

Brooke Marie Rottiers and her accomplices would dispose of the two bodies. Soon after Brooke would be under arrest along with the two men. The trio would quickly turn against each other and would testify against each other.

Brooke Marie Rottieers would be convicted and sentenced to death

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Brooke Marie Rottiers is currently incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility

Brooke Marie Rottiers Sentenced To Death

A prostitute has been sentenced to death for her role in luring
two day laborers to a Corona motel before strangling them.

Judge Helios Hernandez followed a Riverside jury’s
recommendation that Brooke Marie Rottiers, 30, of Corona, receive
the death penalty, rather than life in prison, for her crimes.

Brooke Marie Rottiers was convicted of two counts of murder committed during
a robbery for the August 2006 deaths of Marvin Gabriel, 22, and
Milton Chavez, 28.

The decomposed bodies of both men were found later, hogtied and
gagged in the trunk of an abandoned car in the Gavilan Hills area
of Lake Mathews.

Omar Tyree Hutchinson, 34, and Franchune Dyuel Epps, 26, were
also convicted of murder, but prosecutors did not seek the death
penalty in their cases. They were convicted in participating in the
killing by holding both men at gunpoint and helping dispose of the

Prosecutors said Brooke Marie Rottiers met the victims in a Riverside bar and
lured them to the motel with promises of sex. Rottiers ordered them
to strip at gunpoint before tying them up and robbing them. She
then beat them and strangled them with electrical cords and women’s

“The deaths of the two victims was prolonged. It was not quick.
The victims had time to appreciate their impending doom,” Hernandez
said, according to court minutes. “The defendant had time to
appreciate the victims’ impending death.”

The judge declined a defense attorney’s motion to reduce the
sentence to life in prison.

“We showed strong evidence that when Ms. Rottiers was not on
drugs and homeless, she actually took good care of her kids and her
family,” Rottiers’ attorney Chad Firetag said. “This was not to
excuse the crime and denigrate what happened.”

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