Cathy Lynn Sarinana Murders 2 Children

Cathy Lynn Sarinana is a woman from California who was sentenced to death for the murders of two children

Cathy Lynn Sarinana and her husband Raul Ricardo Sarinana were suppose to be looking after two young boys but unfortunately they would end up killing both of the children.

The first little boy would be beaten to death over something trivial and when months later when the second boy asked about his brother he would also be beaten to death.

Raul Ricardo Sarinana and Cathy Lynn Sarinana would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Cathy Lynn Sarinana

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Where is Cathy Lynn Sarinana now

Cathy Lynn Sarinana is currently incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility

Cathy Lynn Sarinana Sentenced To Death

In front of a tearful courtroom, two juries recommended the death penalty for Raul Ricardo Sarinana and his wife Cathy Lynn Sarinana for the brutal murder of their 11-year-old nephew Ricky Morales.

It’s believed they also killed his 13-year-old brother Conrad.

“I’m very happy with the verdict, very happy, they deserve it,” said the boys’ mother, Rosa Sarinana outside the courtroom.

The couple lived with the boys for about a year in Randle, Washington, which is where authorities believe Conrad was killed.

“We have evidence the 13-year-old may have been tragically killed here in Lewis County,†said Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield.

On October 8, 2005, the couple reported 13-year-old Conrad missing, possibly a runaway. The next day, the couple moved with the younger brother to Corona, California. On December 26, the 11-year-old was found in the home tortured to death. The next day, 13-year-old Conrad’s body was found murdered as well. He was found encased in concrete in a carport.

Both boys were abused and tortured. Blood was found all over the Corona home.

The boys’ mother says her brother asked if the boys could stay with them.

“My boys didn’t deserve that. They were good boys. They were very good boys,” Rosa Sarinana said.

Defense attorneys argued Raul had anger problems and that Cathy was also a victim of Raul’s abuse, but they did not convince the jurors.

Lewis County authorities say they were awaiting the outcome of the trial in Riverside County before deciding whether to prosecute the couple for the older boy’s murder.

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