Charles Boyd Executed Texas Serial Killer

Charles Boyd was a serial killer who was executed by the State of Texas for three murders

According to court documents Charles Boyd would murder three women in a nine month period. The three women would be sexually assaulted before being killed

  • 37-year-old Tippawan Nakusan
  • 22-year-old Lashun Thomas
  • 21-year-old Mary Milligan

Charles Boyd would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Charles Boyd would be executed by lethal injection on August 5 1999

Charles Boyd Photos

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Charles Boyd Case

A man who once confessed to killing three Dallas women in their apartments has been executed for one of the slayings, but he claimed in his final statement that he was innocent. Charles Anthony Boyd was declared dead at 6:16 p.m. CDT today after receiving a lethal injection at the state prison in Huntsville for the April 13, 1987, sexual assault and bathtub drowning of 21-year-old Mary Milligan in her Dallas apartment.

Just before the injection, Boyd told the victim’s family: ‘I want you to know I didn’t do this crime. I requested a 30-day stay for a DNA test so you would know who did this crime.’ Boyd’s final appeal was rejected earlier in the day by the U.S. Supreme Court. Milligan’s family members said in a written statement that, ‘We realize our system for dealing with those who choose to kill others is not exactly the right answer, but we know in our hearts that Charles Boyd will have to face the perfect justice of God.’

Milligan, who had recently graduated from Texas Tech University, was killed when she took a day off from work and stayed home to recover from an ankle injury she suffered while playing tennis the previous weekend. Milligan and Boyd, who had previous convictions for burglary and aggravated sexual assault, both lived in the Plaza Apartments. She was the third victim in a string of sexual assaults and slayings over a ninth-month period in northeast Dallas

Boyd confessed to Milligan’s slaying and the murders of Tippawan Nakusan in July 1986 and Lashun Chappell Thomas less than two months later. Nakusan and Thomas were both stabbed to death and left in water- filled bathtubs at the Wookstock Apartments, where Boyd lived before moving to the Plaza Apartments. Boyd was the second convict executed in Texas in many days, the 18th this year and the 181st since the state returned the death penalty in 1982. Four more executions are scheduled for August

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