Daniel Conahan Suspected Serial Killer Florida

Daniel Conahan was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for a single murder however he is suspected of many more

According to court documents Daniel Conahan who many consider to be responsible for what is known as The Hog Trail murders were a series of men were murdered, mutilated and buried. The majority of the victims were transient and/or gay men

Daniel Conahan was convicted of the murder of Richard Montgomery who was brutally tortured and mutilated

Daniel Conahan would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Daniel Conahan is incarcerated at Union Correctional Institution

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News that another potential victim of the Hog Trail Killer has been identified 27 years after his death is a bleak reminder of a terrifying series of deaths that happened in the 1990s known as ‘The Hog Trail Murders.’ Police determined the similar scenes to be the work of the same individual.

Investigators have only been able to charge Daniel Conahan with the murder of one victim. Officials say Conahan tortured, raped and mutilated homosexual males throughout Central Florida.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s office has identified a victim found in the woods in 1994. DNA identified the victim as Jerry Lombard.

Lombard’s body was found by construction workers in the woods near Wyandotte Avenue and Tulip Street in northern Charlotte County. There was no identification found with the body. Early attempts to identify him were not successful. The cause of death was undetermined and the body was given the temporary name, John Doe #1.

Four other men in similar, desolate areas across Charlotte and Sarasota counties were found dead just a couple of years later. All of the victims were found naked with their genitals mutilated, leading detectives to believe one killer was responsible.

Investigators have only been able to charge Daniel Conahan with the murder of one of victim, Richard Montgomery, 21. Graphic testimony was presented to a jury who convicted Conahan. He was sentenced to death on Dec. 10, 1999.

However, police are convinced that all the murders can be linked to him and that’s why he’s since been known as the Hog Trail Killer

Familial DNA was used to identify victim Jerry Lombard.


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