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Mark Gonzalez was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for the murder of Bexar County sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Vann

According to court documents Mark Gonzalez would ambush Bexar County sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Vann who was sitting at a traffic light. The Officer was shot multiple times causing his death

Mark Gonzalez was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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mark gonzalez texas

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NameGonzalez, Mark Anthony
TDCJ Number999601
Date of Birth10/23/1969
Date Received01/28/2016
Age (when Received)46
Education Level (Highest Grade Completed) 
Date of Offense05/28/2011
 Age (at the time of Offense)41

Mark Gonzalez Case

After a lengthy capital murder trial in October and a separate trial this month to address his competency, Mark Anthony Gonzalez was sentenced to death Friday morning by 175th District Court Judge Mary Roman.

Gonzalez showed no emotion as Roman said, “You are hereby sentenced, in accordance with Texas law, to death.”

Gonzalez was convicted of capital murder in the May, 28 2011, ambush-style shooting death of Bexar County sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Vann. He was killed by a volley of shots from an assault rifle as he waited for a traffic signal at a South East San Antonio intersection.

Gonzalez’s formal sentencing was delayed until Friday pending completion of a competency trial in which Gonzalez was found competent.

In her victim impact statement delivered in court following Gonzalez’s sentencing, Vann’s widow spoke of her loss.

“I miss my husband,” Yvonne Vann said. “Every single day, I miss him.”

“I will never have any more alone time with my husband,” she said as her voice trembled with emotion. “And my time now is truly alone in every sense of the word.”

Asked if she could forgive her husband’s killer, Vann said, “To me, this is just unforgiveable, and in my heart and in my mind, it will never be forgivable.”

Gonzalez’s attorney Paul Goeke said that his client would file an appeal to the verdict in addition to appeals that automatically accompany a death sentence.

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