Ricky Green Executed Texas Serial Killer

Ricky Green was a serial killer who was executed by the State of Texas for four murders

According to court documents Ricky Green would start killing with the murder of Jeffery Lynn Davis who was found mutilated and decapitated. Green would then murder Betty Jo Monroe who was sexually assaulted before being killed. Ricky would then murder Sandra Lorraine Bailey who was also sexually assaulted. Green would then murder Steven M. Fefferman

Ricky Green was not charged for the murders for two years until his ex wife would confess to a drug counselor of her role in a couple of the murders. Ricky would then be arrested and convicted

Ricky Green would be executed by lethal injection on October 8 1997

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Ricky Green - Texas

Ricky Green Case

A convicted serial killer tied to four murders in Texas and suspected of at least eight more deaths was executed today for a sexual mutilation slaying almost 11 years ago.

The inmate, Ricky Lee Green, 36, was pronounced dead at 6:31 P.M., central daylight time, seven minutes after a dose of lethal drugs was released into his right arm.

In his final statement, Mr. Green thanked ”the Lord above,” his friends and his fellow death-row inmates. He also noted that he had been in prison for eight and a half years, the last seven on death row, and had caused no trouble.

Mr. Green addressed four relatives of his victims, who watched through a window a few feet away, and said he was ”really sorry, but this to me is another killing and it’s not going to solve nothing.”

As the lethal solution took effect, he gasped several times before he stopped breathing. Only one needle was used on Mr. Green instead of the customary two. Prison officials were unable to locate a suitable vein in the left arm of the longtime drug user.

Mr. Green, a radiator repairman portrayed by prosecutors as a psychopath, was condemned for the Dec. 27, 1986, death of Steven Fefferman, an advertising executive with Fort Worth television station KXAS.


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