Ronson Bush Murders William Harrington In Oklahoma

Ronson Bush Murders William Harrington In Oklahoma

Ronson Bush was sentenced to death by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of William Edward Harrington

According to court documents Ronson Bush thought the victim William Edward Harrington was dating his ex wife. Bush would shoot Harrington six times causing his death

Ronson Bush was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Ronson Bush is incarcerated at Oklahoma State Penitentiary

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On the evening of December 22, 2008, while at Billy Harington’s home, Ronson Bush shot Harrington six times with Harrington’s .357 caliber revolver. Harrington made it to the front yard of the home, where he collapsed. Bush then tied Harrington to the back of his pickup and dragged him into a field near the house.

¶5 By all accounts, Harrington and Bush had been best friends for a number of years. Harrington did what he could to aid Bush who dealt with addictions, paranoia, and other related mental illnesses. Harrington’s final attempts to assist Bush came just days before the shooting. On December 18, Harrington attempted to take Bush to Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman, Oklahoma but Bush was exceedingly drunk, and the two men fought during the trip. Harrington left Bush in a parking lot in Norman, and drove on to Tulsa for work. Bush hitched a ride back to Harrington’s trailer. When Harrington arrived home that evening, accompanied by Jimmy Barrington, they found Bush passed out on the couch with Harrington’s firearms purposefully placed around the house.

¶6 After calling the sheriff’s office to send someone to the house, Harrington again agreed to take Bush back to Griffin Memorial Hospital, where Bush voluntarily admitted himself for treatment. Bush, however, on December 22, checked himself out of the hospital, called Harrington for a ride, and returned to Harrington’s home. Bush drank vodka from a pint bottle purchased in Blanchard on the way home. Once home, both men shot guns off the porch and played with Harrington’s dog. Harrington also gave Bush a haircut.

¶7 Sometime around 7:15 p.m., Harrington was talking on the phone with his girlfriend who could hear Bush in the background. Bush took a photograph of Harrington and nothing seemed amiss; minutes later, however, Bush shot and killed Harrington.

¶8 Bush explained that things started downhill when he mentioned getting Christmas presents for Stephanie Morgan, an ex-girlfriend, and her son. Bush said that Harrington told him that he should forget about Morgan as she was sleeping with other people. According to Bush, Harrington went on to say that even he had “fucked” her. Bush said he then snapped, picked up the .357 revolver, and started shooting Harrington. Bush kept shooting as Harrington got up, went to the kitchen, collapsed, then got up and walked outside.

¶9 At around 7:44 p.m. Harrington’s mother, Kathy Harrington, tried to call Harrington’s cell phone, but Bush answered. Bush kept putting Mrs. Harrington off, probably because Harrington was already dead. Mrs. Harrington called friends who went to the home and discovered Harrington’s body in the field.

¶10 Bush, in the mean time, left the trailer in Harrington’s truck, bought some beer, and drove to Ms. Morgan’s home. Bush kicked in the back door and entered Morgan’s unoccupied home. He waited on her to arrive and drank some alcohol from a commemorative bottle she had stored in her bedroom.

¶11 Morgan arrived home and was unable to turn on the bedroom lights. She heard Bush say that he heard her come in. Bush was in the bedroom lying on the bed. Morgan tried to get away by walking out and getting in her car. Bush, however, got in the passenger side. Morgan was finally able to let someone know that Bush was there, get him out of the car, and drive away.

¶12 Authorities arrived at Morgan’s home, and Bush was arrested for violating a protective order Morgan had against him. Bush, at the time of the arrest, confessed to shooting Harrington.

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how this case qualifies for the death sentence. Life without parole no doubt but death?

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