Stephen Bryant South Carolina Serial Killer

Stephen Bryant was sentenced to death by the State of South Carolina for three murders committed in a month period

According to court documents Stephen Bryant would shoot four people in the course of a month with three of them dying from their injuries. The deceased are: Willard Tietjen, 62, Clifton Gainey, 26, and Christopher Burgess, 35

During the month period Stephen Bryant would taunt investigators and bragged of the murders

Stephen Bryant would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Stephen Bryant south carolina

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Stephen Bryant is incarcerated at Broad River Correctional Institution

Stephen Bryant Case

 Appellant began a crime spree with a first degree burglary on October 5, 2004. By the time the spree ended eight days later, appellant had committed three murders, assault and battery with intent to kill (ABIK), two more burglaries, and arson. While incarcerated awaiting trial, appellant threatened a correctional officer and subsequently attacked and seriously injured another. 
Appellant “cased” isolated rural homes looking for vulnerable victims. He would appear midday at homes, claiming to be looking for someone or having car trouble. Appellant burglarized [Robert] Dennis's home office a day after visiting Dennis's home. He next broke into [James] Ammons' home while no one was there, cutting the phone wires and stealing a pistol and ammunition. Later that day he shot victim [Clinton] Brown, who was fishing along the Wateree River, in the back. 
On October 9, appellant killed an acquaintance (victim [Cliff] Gainey), leaving his body on a rural road, then stole electronics and an aquarium from Mr. Gainey's trailer before setting it on fire. Two days later, appellant went to victim [Willard] Tietjen's home, shot him nine times, and looted the house. Appellant answered several calls made to Mr. Tietjen's cell phone by Mr. Tietjen's wife and daughter, telling both of them that he was the “prowler” and that Mr. Tietjen was dead. He burned Mr. Tietjen's face and eyes with a cigarette. Appellant left two notes on paper and scrawled a message on the wall: “victim number four in two weeks, catch me if you can.” On another wall the word “catch” and some letters were written in blood. 
Two days later appellant met victim [Christopher] Burgess at a convenience store around 4:30 a.m. They left together, and less than two hours later, a hunter found Mr. Burgess dead from gunshot wounds on a road bed in a rural area.

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