Walter Raglin Murders Michael Bany In Ohio

walter raglin ohio

Walter Raglin was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the murder of Michael Bany

According to court documents Walter Raglin would approach Michael Bany as he walked to his car and demanded money. Raglin would then shoot Michael Bany in the neck killing him

Walter Raglin would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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walter raglin ohio

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Walter Raglin Case

Late one night in December 1995, Walter Raglin and Darnell Lowery walked the streets of Cincinnati looking for someone to rob. Raglin carried a .380 caliber pistol. Lowery suggested they “hit” a drug runner or taxicab; Raglin disagreed, saying they should target someone less dangerous. Around 2 a.m., musician Michael Bany left a bar after his performance, walking from the bar to the parking lot, his bass guitar in one hand and his equipment in the other. As he reached his car, he set down his belongings, took out his keys, and began to unlock the car.

A voice behind Bany demanded all his money. He turned around and saw Raglin pointing a gun at him; Lowery stood watching nearby. Bany handed over the three $20 bills he had in his wallet. Raglin decided he wanted to steal Bany’s car as well, but could not drive a stick shift-so he repeatedly asked Bany whether the car was automatic or manual. Bany said nothing and turned away from Raglin to pick up his equipment. As Bany turned back around, Raglin looked him in the eye and then shot him. Raglin and Lowery fled to a nearby house, where Raglin wiped his fingerprints off the gun and gave it to Lowery.

Five days later, an anonymous caller told Cincinnati police that Raglin had been involved in Bany’s death. Police arrested Raglin, put him in an interview room, advised him of his Miranda rights, and began asking him questions. Raglin initially denied any involvement in Bany’s killing. During a break in the questioning-during which the officers had left the room-Raglin broke down emotionally, called the officers back, and told them he had shot Bany. Raglin then repeated his confession on tape, saying “I looked at ‘im in his eye an’ he looked at me an’ then I jus’ shot ‘im an’ I ran.”

A grand jury charged Raglin with aggravated murder with a death-penalty specification. A jury convicted Raglin and recommended the death penalty, which the trial court imposed. The Ohio Supreme Court affirmed Raglin’s conviction and sentence. Raglin then moved to reopen that decision, arguing that his appellate counsel were ineffective. The Ohio Supreme Court summarily denied that motion.

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