William Flamer Executed For 2 Delaware Murders

William Flamer was executed by the State of Delaware for a double murder

According to court documents William Flamer searching for more money to keep drinking would go to the home of his aunt and uncle: Byard Smith, 68, and Alberta Smith, 69. Flamer would stab the elderly couple to death before robbing their home

William Flamer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

William Flamer would be executed by lethal injection on January 30 1996

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William Flamer Case

During the night of February 6, 1979, Byard and Alberta Smith, an elderly couple, were murdered in their home in Harrington, Delaware. Autopsies showed that Byard Smith suffered 79 stab wounds and that his wife had been stabbed 66 times. Alberta Smith’s purse was opened and emptied. Various frozen foods, a television, a fan, Byard Smith’s wallet, and the couple’s automobile were missing from their home.

Flamer was a nephew of the victims and lived approximately 150 yards away from the Smith residence. An individual matching his description was seen near the Smiths’ car in the Felton area the following morning. A Felton store clerk identified Flamer as having been in the store that morning. When a description of the suspect was given to the Smiths’ daughter, she identified Flamer by name, and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

On February 7, 1979, the police went to Flamer’s residence and received his grandmother’s consent to search for him. They entered his bedroom and found a box of frozen food wrapped in the same way as the food which was still at the Smith house. Analysis later showed Byard Smith’s fingerprint on one of the food bags. The police found the Smiths’ television set and fan in a closet in Flamer’s residence. They seized a bayonet and scabbard. They saw on the bayonet what was later found to be human blood, and fibers which were microscopically similar to fibers from the clothing worn by Alberta Smith when she died. Flamer was not present at his residence.

Later that day, Delaware State Police officers arrested Flamer along with two codefendants. The State Police took him to Troop 5 in Bridgeville, Delaware. Spatterings of what appeared to be blood were visible on Flamer’s overcoat and under his fingernails, and fresh scratches were on his neck, chest, and torso. One of the codefendants, Andre Deputy, also had scratches on him and carried Byard Smith’s wallet and pocket watch.


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