Gary Walker Executed Oklahoma Serial Killer

Gary Walker was a serial killer who was executed by the State of Oklahoma for a series of murders

According to court documents Gary Walker who was also known as Gary Edwards would go over to the home of Eddie Cash of Broken Arrow who he would murder and rob.

Gary Walker would also be found guilty of killing Jayne Hilburn of Vinita, Janet Jewell of Beggs and Margaret Bell Lydick of Poteau. He raped, tortured and murdered Margaret Ann Bell Lydick in Poteau, Oklahoma. Jane Hilburn, 35, was strangled and her car was stolen in Vinita, Oklahoma on May 14. Valerie Shaw-Hartzell, 25, a Tulsa radio reporter, was killed after being kidnapped and raped on May 24. On May 23, he raped and murdered 32-year-old Janet Dee Jewell in Tulsa. He stripped and attempted to rape DeRonda Gay Roy, a 24-year-old mother of four, then strangled her with her bra in Rogers County, Oklahoma

Gary Walker would be arrested, convictd and sentenced to death for the Eddie Cash murder

Gary Walker would be executed by lethal injection on January 13 2000

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Gary Walker was executed on January 13 2000

Gary Walker Case

Five-time killer Gary Alan Walker died early Thursday asking for forgiveness but saying he understood if those he had hurt could not give it.

Walker apologized several times in his two-minute last statement before being executed for the killing of his first victim, Eddie Cash of Broken Arrow.

“I hope when I go that the hate you have, and it’s natural for you to hate me, that you would let it go with me,” he said.

Upon the pronouncement of Walker’s death at 12:20 a.m., what sounded like clapping came from the chamber where family members of Walker’s victims witnessed the execution.

Thirty-one people with ties to the five victims came to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary to see Walker die.

Cash, a 63-year-old widower, was beaten with a brick and strangled with a vacuum cleaner cord after picking up the hitchhiker May 6, 1984.

By the end of that month, Walker had murdered Jayne Hilburn of Vinita and kidnapped, raped and strangled Margaret Bell Lydick of Poteau, Janet Jewell of Beggs and Tulsa radio newswoman Valerie Shaw-Hartzell.

His final hours included visits with two sisters, a niece and two cousins, officials said.

One cousin witnessed the execution.

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