Jasen Busby Executed For 3 Texas Murders

Jasen Busby was executed by the State of Texas for a triple murder

According to court documents nineteen year old Jasen Busby would shoot and kill sixteen-year-old Brandy Gray and eighteen-year-old Tennille Thompson as well as shooting and injuring 18-year-old Chris Kelley at the same time.

Jasen Busby would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Jasen Busby would be executed by lethal injection on August 25 2004

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Jasen Busby was executed on August 25 2004

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Jasen Shane Busby, 28, became the 11th Texas prisoner to be executed this year Wednesday evening at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit.

Busby was executed by lethal injection for the 1995 murder of cousins Tenille Thompson, 18, and Brandy Gray, 16. A third person, 18-year-old Christopher Kelley, was also shot by Busby but survived his wound. Busby was arrested within an hour after gunning down Thompson and Gray in a mobile home in Antioch, just west of Jacksonville. It was his third victim, Kelley, who called for help and identified Busby as the gunman and later testified against him.

At the time of the crime Busby was 19 years old. He confessed to police but argued later in appeals that he was high on drugs when he made his statement. The courts rejected the argument.

In his final statement Wednesday, Busby thanked his family for “standing by me,” and apologized for all of the pain he caused them. At the point when he addressed the victim’s family, he turned to them and expressed remorse. “I want to tell everyone, my family, thanks for standing by me. I want to tell Mr. and Mrs. Gray and everyone that I didn’t do what I did to hurt you all. I am sorry that I did what I did,” he said.

Busby further tried to explain the reasoning behind the murder of Brandy Gray. “I don’t think you know the true reason for doing what I did, but Brandy and I had a suicide pact and I just didn’t follow through with it. That did not come out in the trial. I am not trying to hurt you by telling you this. I am trying to tell you the truth,” he said. “I want Cindy to know that I know she is out there – and Vicente Hernandez that I love them. Thank you for all you have done and I want to make sure you are all right,” Busby said. After saying that, Busby said he was ready and that he would “see you later.” Busby remarked as the lethal drugs begin to flow, “Here it comes. I can feel it.” He took a couple of breaths, closed his eyes and then slipped into unconsciousness. Nine minutes later at 6:20 p.m., Busby was pronounced dead.

Today, death row inmate James Vernon Allridge, 41, is scheduled for lethal injection for the 1985 fatal shooting of a Fort Worth convenience store clerk. Allridge, whose brother, Ronald, was executed in 1995 for the slaying of a woman during a restaurant robbery in Fort Worth, was condemned for the slaying of store clerk Brian Clendennen, 21, during a $300 robbery in Fort Worth. Ronald Allridge, drove the getaway car.


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