Vincent Stopher Murders Officer In Kentucky

Vincent Stopher

Vincent Stopher was sentenced to death by the State of Kentucky for the murder of a police officer

According to court documents Vincent Stopher would shoot and kill Deputy Sheriff Gregory Hans. The Deputy Sheriff had gone to Stopher residence and a struggle broke out and Stopher would get hold of the Officer’s weapon

Vincent Stopher would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Vincent Stopher

Vincent Stopher Now

Active Inmate
PID # / DOC #:229399 / 113860
Institution Start Date:6/09/1993
Expected Time To Serve (TTS):DEATH SENTENCE
Minimum Expiration of Sentence Date (Good Time Release Date): ?DEATH SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date:DEATH SENTENCE
Maximum Expiration of Sentence Date:DEATH SENTENCE
Location:Kentucky State Penitentiary

Vincent Stopher Case

On March 10, 1997, Deputy Hans responded to a call made to the Louisville Police Department concerning a disturbance at Appellant’s home.   When Deputy Hans arrived at the location, Appellant approached the police cruiser and began striking Hans. Deputy Hans attempted to defend himself but Appellant pinned him to the seat of the cruiser with the result that Deputy Hans’ left hand and arm were trapped beneath his body.  

Appellant unholstered Deputy Hans’ handgun, pressed the barrel of the gun into Hans’ face, and pulled the trigger.   Immediately thereafter, Appellant got out of the police cruiser and pointed the gun at a witness, Steve Porter.   Porter, afraid he was about to be shot, dropped to his knees and raised his hands.   Appellant pulled the trigger, however, the gun jammed and would not fire.   At this time, other officers arrived on the scene and apprehended Appellant.   Witnesses stated that Appellant was enraged and shouted that he hoped the officer had died.   Four officers were required to wrestle Appellant to the ground and handcuff him.   While the officers were struggling with Appellant, he grabbed another officer’s weapon and attempted to fire it.

Following an extensive and highly publicized trial, Appellant was found guilty of intentional murder and was sentenced to death.

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