Nicholas Starling Murders Brother In Ohio

Nicholas Starling Murders Brother In Ohio

Nicholas Starling was a sixteen year old teen killer from Ohio who would murder his fourteen year old brother Harley Starling over Halloween candy

According to court documents Nicholas was upset with his younger brother who he believed stole some of his Halloween candy. Nicholas would go into the room of his fourteen year old brother and beat him repeatedly with a baseball bat. When Harley began to make noise Nicholas would stab him in the throat killing the teen

Nicholas Starling would be arrested, convicted and ultimately sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison

Nicholas Starling Now

Nicholas Starling now

Number A741959

DOB 08/23/2000

Gender Male

Race White

Admission Date 02/16/2018

Institution Marion Correctional Institution


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Nicholas Starling Case

A teen has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to stabbing and beating his younger brother to death after an argument over Halloween candy.

Nicholas Starling, 17, was only 16 when he killed his 14-year-old brother, Harley Starling, in October 2016, the Dayton Daily News reports.

Nicholas Starling pleaded guilty last week, according to Clark County court records.

Clark County Prosecutor Andy Wilson tells the Springfield News Sun the case is the worst involving child-on-child crime that he’s ever seen.

“It was up close, it was personal, if you think about it,” Wilson tells the News Sun. “He took that bat and you know he was feeling the shock of that bat as he hit his brother in the head with it. And to finish him off he walks into the kitchen and grabs a knife and plunges that knife into his brother’s throat.”

While a detective said said Nicholas Starling admitted he had fought with his brother over candy, Wilson said the motive for the slaying was unclear. He tells the News Sun the older Starling had a difficult upbringing was “into some satanic worship and that kind of stuff.”

“Anyone who could do something like this is ill,” Wilson says. “You have to be a sick person to do what he did but that doesn’t mean you are criminally insane.”

Nicholas Starling News

The teenager who was 16 when he killed his younger brother has pleaded guilty to murder, according to court records.

Nicholas Starling, who was accused of stabbing and beating his 14-year-old brother with a baseball bat to death in October 2016, was sentenced last week to 15 years to life in prison, according to court documents.

Harley was found dead in his bed at his Superior Avenue home on the morning of Oct. 31.

Springfield Police Division Detective Ron Jordan testified in an earlier court hearing that Nicholas Starling admitted he and his brother had been in a previous argument over Halloween candy, according to court records.

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