Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper Murder Cassie Jo Stoddart

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper were two teenagers from Idaho who decided they wanted to become serial killers. In order to start this odd quest they would pick their first victim, Cassie Jo Stoddart

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper would film themselves on the days before the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart talking about their plan to kill their friend.

On the night of the murder Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper would visit with Cassie Jo Stoddart and her boyfriend. When they left they ensured the back door was left open. The two budding serial killers would return to the home and would stab Cassie Jo to death.

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper would film themselves leaving the scene of the murder and their need to get their story straight and how the killing made them feel.

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper story would quickly fall apart and soon they would be arrested and charged with the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper were both convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole

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Where is Torey Adamcik now

Torey Adamcik is currently incarcerated at the Saguaro Correctional Center

Where is Brian Draper now

Brian Draper is currently incarcerated at the Idaho State Correctional Institution Unit 16

When is Torey Adamcik release date

Torey Adamcik is serving life without parole

When is Brian Draper release date

Brian Draper is serving life without parole

Torey Adamcik And Brian Draper Court Case

On September 22, 2006, Stoddart was spending the night at her cousin’s house, the Whispering Cliffs residence, performing house-sitting duties. Matt Beckham (Beckham), Stoddart’s boyfriend, stated that he and Stoddart had invited Torey Adamcik to the Whispering Cliffs residence that evening to “hang out.” Adamcik and Brian Draper arrived at the Whispering Cliffs residence at approximately 6:30 or 7:00 PM. After spending approximately two hours at the Whispering Cliffs residence, Draper informed Stoddart and Beckham that he needed to leave and shortly thereafter Draper and Adamcik departed.

Approximately fifteen minutes after Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper departed, the power at the Whispering Cliffs residence went out. Beckham called his mother to ask for permission to stay the night, but such permission was denied. After speaking with his mother, Beckham phoned Adamcik to inform him that Beckham would be going home for the night. Beckham later said that during their conversation Adamcik spoke in a whisper and claimed to be at a movie. Beckham and Adamcik spent the following day together. Beckham tried repeatedly to call Stoddart throughout the day but was unable to get an answer.

On September 24, 2006, it was discovered that Stoddart had been killed at the Whispering Cliffs residence. Police officer Hatch responded to the scene and noted large amounts of blood on the victim’s body, as well as deep lacerations and stab wounds. Shortly after responding, police and paramedics confirmed that Stoddart was dead. Detectives conducting the preliminary investigation determined that Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper had been among the last people to see Stoddart alive.

Detectives Thomas and Ganske went to the Adamcik home and interviewed Torey Adamcik on September 24, 2006. Adamcik’s father, Sean Adamcik (Sean), was present. This interview was the first of two interviews that detectives Thomas and Ganske conducted with Adamcik. During the course of the first interview, Adamcik informed the detectives that he and Draper had gone to the Whispering Cliffs residence at approximately 8:30 PM on September 22, 2006, for a party. Adamcik stated that when it became apparent that a party was not going to take place, he and Draper decided to go and see a movie in Pocatello. When the detectives questioned Adamcik regarding the movie he had reportedly seen, Adamcik was unable to describe what the movie had been about. Adamcik told detectives that following the movie he and Brian Draper had gone to spend the night at Adamcik’s home.

On September 27, 2006, after Adamcik’s first interview, but before the second, Brian Draper led law enforcement agents to a stash of evidence buried in the Black Rock Canyon area (BRC site). The evidence uncovered by law enforcement at the BRC site included:

1. Two dagger-style knives with sheaths.

2. A silver-and-black-handled knife with a smooth and non-serrated blade.

3. A folding knife with a silver blade and black handle, which is similar to a survival knife. The portion of the blade nearest to the hilt is serrated.

4. A homemade Sony videotape (BRC tape).

5. A box of stick matches.

6. A melted brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

7. Partially burned notebook paper.

8. A partially melted multi-colored mask.

9. A red and white mask.

10. A pair of black boots.

11. A single black glove.

12. A pair of black “Puma” gloves.

13. A pair of blue latex gloves.

14. A pair of fingerless black “Athletic Works” gloves.

15. A black “Calvin Klein” dress shirt.

16. A black “Hagger” shirt.

Torey Adamcik conceded that his handwriting was present on the notebook paper found along with the other evidence at the BRC site. The BRC tape contained footage of Adamcik and Draper planning Stoddart’s murder, and later reacting to having killed Stoddart. The BRC tape skips around and is not recorded in chronological order. The following relevant portions of the BRC tape have been rearranged according to the time and date stamps that appear on the BRC tape.

1. September 21, 2006, at 8:05:23 PM [Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper are in a car, Adamcik is driving and Draper is filming from the passenger seat]

Draper: We’re going for a high death count.

Adamcik: Plus, we’re not going to get caught Brian, if we’re going for guns, we’re just gonna end it. We’re just gonna grab the guns and get outta there and kill everybody and leave.

Draper: We’re going to make history. ․ We’re gonna make history.

Adamcik: For all you FBI agents watching this—

Draper: (laughing)

Adamcik: Uh ․ you weren’t quick enough. (laughing)

Draper: You weren’t quick enough, and you weren’t s-s-smart enough. And we’re going over to [Jane Doe 1’s] house, we-we-we’re going to snoop around over there and try to see if she’s home alone or not, and if she’s home alone, SPLAT! ․ She dead.

Adamcik: Don’t put your humor into this Brian.

Draper: Uh, I’m not putting any humor into it. ․ Yep, people will die, and m-m-memories will fade.

Adamcik: Memories will fade. ․ I, hmm, I wonder what movie you got that from Brian?

Draper: Myself!

Adamcik: (laughing)

Draper: That was from myself.

Adamcik: No wonder it was so lame.

Draper:—kay, we’re on our way, and I’m gonna, I’ll let you stay tuned, we’re almost there.

2. September 21, 2006, at 8:08:12 PM [Adamcik and Draper are in a car, Draper is filming Adamcik with the camera light on]

Draper: We’re at [Jane Doe 1’s] house. It’s clear out there in the pasture. We’ve already snooped around her house a couple times, Uh, and sh-sh-she’s not at home so we’re gonna go to that church over there and we’re gonna call a girl and a guy named Cassie and Matt. They’re our-our friends but we have to make sacrifices. So um I feel tonight i-i-it is the night and I feel really weird ․ and stuff. I feel like I want to kill somebody. Uh, I know that’s not normal but what the hell.

Adamcik: I feel we need to break away from normal life.

Draper: How bright is this light? [Draper has turned the camera light directly onto Adamcik]

Adamcik: Because ․ let’s put it this way ․ parents, along with their parents, along with their parents, and so on—

Draper: Uh-huh

Adamcik:—taught them about God, Jesus, the whole bullshit—

Draper: (laughing)

Adamcik:—line. I’m sure you guys believe in God as well. I realized when I was in seventh grade ․ along, you don’t believe in Santa Claus or—

Draper: (laughing)

Adamcik:—vampires, or werewolves, they’re used to metaphor, not let—they teach their kids back in the 1800s, I learned this in English class, about telling their kids that they can’t go outside or a vampire will get you—just to make their kids stay and do what they want to do. God is basically—

Draper: That’s what God’s for right?

Adamcik:—the same way—

Draper: Yep.

Adamcik:—tryin’ to get people to do good, or else “so-called” [air quoting] you go to hell.

Draper: And we’re obviously going to hell if it’s real, but who gives a shit?

Adamcik: And why would you say it’s real?

Draper: [talking over Adamcik] Yeah, but it’s not real. It’s not real, cuz it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s not real, but (laughing)

Adamcik: People believe it because their parents teach them, and so it’s so hard for them to let go of it because they’ve been taught their whole life.

Draper: Yeah, I know.

Adamcik: But, fuckin—

Draper: What?

Adamcik:—the point I’m makin’ is ․ we are also taught that things like killing people and other things is wrong. The only thing that is wrong about is because it’s breaking the law and the law is only wrong (mumbling, searching for words)—

Draper: Natural selection, dude. Natural selection, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

Adamcik: There should be no law against killing people. I know it’s a wrong thing, but ․

Draper: Natural selection—

Adamcik:—Hell, hell, you restrict somebody from it, they’re just gonna want it more.

Draper: Exactly. Goodbye camera.

3. September 21, 2006, at 8:15:39 PM [Adamcik and Draper are in a car, Adamcik is driving and Draper is filming from the passenger seat]

Draper:—home. My friend’s too pussy to go investigate—turn here

Adamcik: Too smart—

Draper: Why aren’t you turning there dude?

Adamcik: Cuz it’s faster this way

Draper: Now we’re going to go over to Cassie and Matt’s house. If they’re home alone, we’re gonna ․

Adamcik: It’s Cassie’s house. Matt is there.

Draper: Matt is there. Sorry. We’re gonna ga—we’re gonna knock on the door. We’ll see who is there. We’ll, we’ll see, we’ll see-see if their parents are home or not. If they’re home alone we will leave our way and then we will come back in about ten minutes. We’ll sneak in through the door because chances are they’re probably in Cassie’s room. S–s–s–so we will sneak in the front door, we’ll make a noise outside.

Adamcik: And Matt will come out to investigate.

Draper: We’ll kill him. And we’ll scare the shit out of Cassie ․ okay?

Adamcik: Sounds like fun.

Draper: Well stay tuned.

4. September 21, 2006, at 8:36:46 PM [Adamcik and Draper are in a car, Adamcik is driving and Draper is filming from the passenger seat]

Draper: We found our victim and sad as it may be she’s our friend but you know what? We all have to make sacrifices. Our first victim is going to be Cassie Stoddart and her friends ․

Adamcik: [directed at passing car] God, turn your brights off asshole!

Draper: We’ll let you ․ (laughs) we’ll find out if she has friends over, if she’s going to be alone in a big dark house out in the middle of nowhere (laughs). How perfect can you get? I, I mean like holy shit dude.

Adamcik: I’m horny just thinking about it.

Draper: Hell yeah. So we’re gonna fuckin’ kill her and her friends and we’re gonna keep moving on. I heard some news about [Jane Doe 2], she’s gonna be home alone from six to seven so we might kill her and drive over to Cassie’s thing and scare the shit out of them and kill them one by fucking one. Hell yeah.

Adamcik: Why one by one? Why can’t it be a slaughterhouse?

Draper: Two by two and three by three. Cause we’ve got to keep it classy.

Adamcik: Keep it classy.

Draper: So yeah. It’s going to be extra fun.

Adamcik: You’re evil (laughs).

Draper: Yes, I am. So are you dude. Evil. Evil.

Adamcik: No. Evil is an expression of God. That was another test you failed.

Draper: Evil is not an expression of God.

Adamcik: Yes, it is.

Draper: That is bullshit and you know it.

Adamcik: Evil of origin is a follower of fucking Satan.

Draper: There is no Satan.

Adamcik: Is Satan real? Then shut up.

Draper: Then how are we supposed to express ourselves?

Adamcik: Good and Bad.

Draper: We’re, we’re bad.

Adamcik: We are bad.

Draper: That sounds so shitty.

Adamcik: We’re evil. That sounds even shittier.

Draper: Hey, we’re not, okay. Then we are sick psychopaths who get their pleasure off killing other people.

Adamcik: That sounds good baby.

Draper: We’re gonna go down in history. We’re gonna be just like Scream except real life terms.

Adamcik: That sounds good baby.

Draper: We’re gonna be murderers. Like, let’s see, Ted Bundy, like the Hillside Strangler.

Adamcik: No.

Draper: The Zodiac Killer.

Adamcik: Those people were more amateurs compared to what we are going to be, we’re gonna be more of higher sources of Ed gl ․

Draper: Gein

Adamcik: Gein

Draper: (laughs) Well let’s say we’re that sick and that twisted—

Adamcik: Oh, you know what Ed Gein’s words were?

Draper: What?

Adamcik: He saw a girl walkin’ down the street, right?

Draper: Yeah.

Adamcik: Two questions came to his head. Hmm, I could take her out and have a nice time with her—

Draper:—and then kill her? Skin her alive?

Adamcik:—charm the pants off her. Or, I wonder what her head would look like on a stick? (laughs)

Draper: (laughs) Holy shit!

Adamcik: It’s creepy huh?

Draper: Kick ass.

Adamcik & Draper: (laughing)

Draper: Murder is power, murder is freedom, goodbye.

Adamcik: Umm—

5. September 22, 2006, at 12:10:58 PM [Adamcik and Draper are sitting at a table with the camera facing them]

Draper: Alright, cool.

Adamcik: [looking down and writing in a notebook] I was planning to kill him.

Draper: September 22, 2006, we’re skipping our fourth hour class. We’re writing our plan right now for tonight. It’s gonna be cool.

Adamcik: We? Torey and Brian ․ [writing] ․ we’re making our death list right now, for when, for actually tonight ․

Draper: (whispering) she’s watching us ․

Adamcik: (unintelligible)

Draper: She’s still watching us ․

Adamcik: (mumbling, unintelligible)

Draper: [loudly] Number 2 is what?

gap where Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper are both concerned a teacher
is going to see them, are whispering various things related to this and
trying to make themselves less visible]

Adamcik: [writing again] Then ․ (unintelligible)

Draper: Yeah, if you’re watching this we’re probably deceased.

Draper: Hopefully this will go smoothly and we can get our first kill done and then keep going.

Adamcik: For you future serial killers watching this tape

Adamcik & Draper: (laughing)

Adamcik: I don’t know what to say.

Draper: It–It’s—

Adamcik:—good luck with that.

Draper: Good luck.

Adamcik: Hopefully you don’t have like 8 or 9 failures like we have.

Draper: Yeah, we’ve probably tried maybe 10 times, but they’ve never been home alone so—

Adamcik: Or when they have, their parents show up.

Draper: As long as you’re patient you know, and we were patient and now we’re getting paid off, cuz our victim’s home alone, so we got er, our plan all worked out now ․ I’m sorry. I’m sorry Cassie’s family, but she had to be the one. We have to stick with the plan ․ and she’s perfect, so she’s gonna die (laughs)

6. September 22, 2006, at 9:53:20 PM [It is dark and Draper and Adamcik are sitting in a car.]

Draper: We’re here in his car. The time is 9:50, September 22nd, 2006. Um ․ unfortunately we have the grueling task of killing our two friends and they are right in—in that house just down the street.

Adamcik: We just talked to them. We were there for an hour, but ․

Draper: We checked out the whole house. We know there’s lots of doors. There, there’s lots of places to hide. Um, I unlocked the back doors. It’s all unlocked. Now we just got to wait and um ․ yep, we’re, we’re really nervous right now but, you know, we’re ready.

Adamcik: We’re listening to the greatest rock band ever.

Draper: We’ve waited for this for a long time.

Adamcik: Pink Floyd. Before we commit the ultimate crime of murder.

Draper: We’ve waited for this for a long time.

Adamcik: A long time.

Draper: We—well stay tuned.

7. September 22, 2006, at 11:31:56 PM [Adamcik and Draper are in a car driving.]

Draper:—just killed Cassie! We just left her house. This is not a fucking joke.

Adamcik: I’m shaking.

Draper: I stabbed her in the throat, and I saw her lifeless body. It just disappeared. Dude, I just killed Cassie!

Adamcik: Oh my God!

Draper: Oh, oh fuck. That felt like it wasn’t even real. I mean it went by so fast.

Adamcik: Shut the fuck up. We gotta get our act straight.

Draper: It’s okay. Okay? We—we’ll just buy movie tickets now.

Adamcik: Okay.

Draper: (Unintelligible)

Adamcik: No.

Draper: Okay. Bye.

On September 27, 2006, after the BRC site evidence was found, detectives Ganske and Thomas conducted a second interview with Torey Adamcik at the Pocatello Police Department in the presence of Adamcik’s parents. Detective Ganske read Adamcik his Miranda rights at the beginning of the interview and Adamcik signed a waiver-of-rights form. During the course of the interview, Adamcik informed detectives Ganske and Thomas that he and Draper had arrived at the Whispering Cliffs residence at 8:00 or 8:30, got a tour of the home, watched a portion of the film Kill Bill Vol. 2, departed from the Whispering Cliffs residence at approximately 10:00 PM, and began attempting to break into cars. Torey Adamcik stated that during the course of their attempted burglaries he made multiple calls to Beckham and during the final call Beckham informed Adamcik that his mother was coming to get him from the Whispering Cliffs residence.

Adamcik stated that he and Brian Draper returned to Adamcik’s house at around 11:30 PM and did not leave for the remainder of the night. However, when Ganske informed Adamcik that witnesses had seen him at the convenience store, Common Cents, Adamcik stated that he and Draper had gone to the store so that Draper could buy matches for Draper’s cigarettes. Adamcik eventually admitted that he and Draper had gone to Black Rock Canyon. At the close of Adamcik’s second interview, the detectives informed Adamcik of the evidence that they had discovered at the BRC site and pressured Adamcik to tell the truth. Adamcik responded by asking “Can I talk to an attorney?” The detectives stopped questioning Adamcik immediately, and exited the room, allowing Adamcik and his father, Sean, to converse in private in a different room. Following this private meeting, Adamcik, Sean and the detectives reconvened in the interview room where detectives proceeded to tell Adamcik that he was going to be arrested and informed Adamcik of the evidence they had gathered. In response to intervening questions from Sean, Adamcik made both verbal and nonverbal replies.

At trial, the jury heard extensive forensic testimony documenting and analyzing Stoddart’s wounds. The medical examiner, Dr. Steve Skoumal, performed the autopsy on Stoddart on September 25, 2006. Dr. Skoumal determined that the cause of Stoddart’s death was stab wounds to the trunk. In all, Dr. Skoumal documented thirty knife-related wounds on Stoddart’s body, twelve of which were potentially fatal. The State also had forensic pathologist Dr. Charles Garrison examine Stoddart’s body. Dr. Garrison testified “It’s my opinion that there were at least two knives used, one of which was a non-serrated blade, and one of which was a serrated blade.” In general, the majority of the potentially fatal wounds that Dr. Skoumal listed were inflicted with the serrated blade, however, wound number 1, which struck the right ventricle of Stoddart’s heart, was inflicted by a non-serrated blade—consistent with Dr. Garrison’s testimony—and was potentially fatal.

On June 8, 2007, the jury found Torey Adamcik guilty of both conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and first-degree murder.

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