Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Murder Teen Girl

Victor Alas was fifteen years old and Jose Reyes was sixteen years old when they would murder a sixteen year old girl in Texas

According to court documents Victor Alas and Jose Reyes would lure Corriann Cervantes to an abandoned home where they would sexually assault, torture and then murder the sixteen year old. Corriann Cervantes had an upside down pentagon carved into her stomach

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes would soon be arrested and prosecuted as adults. The pair would receive automatic life sentences for capital murder however due to their age are able to apply for parole after 40 years.

Victor Alas And Jose Reyes Photos

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes

Victor Alas And Jose Reyes FAQ

Where is Victor Alas now

Victor Alas is currently incarcerated at the Stiles Unit in Texas

Where is Jose Reyes now

Jose Reyes is currently incarcerated at the Robertson Unit in Texas

When is Victor Alas release date

Victor Alas is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2054

When is Jose Reyes release date

Jose Reyes is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2054

Victor Alas And Jose Reyes Sentencing

The second suspect in a grisly murder case was found guilty Friday in what has been described as a satanic ritual killing of a 15-year-old Houston girl.

Victor Alas and Jose E. Reyes were convicted for strangling, stabbing and sexually assaulting Corriann Cervantes last year. They also carved an upside-down cross in her abdomen.

Following a week-long trial in District Judge Brock Thomas’ court, a jury found 17-year-old Victor Alas guilty, giving him an automatic life sentence. During his trial, prosecutors shared a video of Alas confessing to strangling Cervantes.

Later in the trial, Victor Alas testified, an unusual move. “Alas chose to take the stand and say he gave a false statement to law enforcement at the location and that he did not take part in the murder, but the jury saw through that,” prosecutor John Jordan said.

Defense attorney Mario Madrid said Alas’ confession was “very difficult to overcome.”

“It was a difficult case with overwhelming evidence,” Madrid said. “We fought hard but we certainly respect the jury’s verdict.”

The slaying was investigated as a satanic ritual killing because of the cross carved into Cervantes’ abdomen and objects found at the scene.

We’ve always believed that this crime was evil and both people could be easily convicted,” Jordan said. “(Reyes’) jury got a lot more evidence of satanic issues.”

Reyes was convicted last year of capital murder after prosecutors shared letters he sent from jail stating the devil was directing him during the murder. Witnesses testified that Reyes bragged about the slaying as a means of selling his and Alas’ souls to the devil.

Witnesses in Reyes’ trial testified that, on the night of the slaying, the three teens were at a party where they were drinking, smoking marijuana and taking Xanax. Following the party, the group reported left together and began to have consensual sex in a vacant apartment in Clear Lake.

Cervantes was strangled with a belt, beat in the head with a porcelain toilet lid and stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver. Plastic rods from the window blinds in the apartment were used to gouge out her eyes and then to sexually assault her.

In order to reach a capital murder conviction, prosecutors needed to prove he intentionally killed while also committing a felony or causing serious injury.

Corriann Cervantes Was Brutally Slain

Murder in the name of Satan is not new or as uncommon as we would like to think. However, when we hear about the kinds of acts that are typical in satanic ritual, the details are so brutal that they are almost impossible to fathom. What happened to Corriann Cervantes is no exception.

Corriann was a 15 year old girl who liked to listen to music and take selfies, just like any other teenager. Reports indicate that she also went to church. In February of 2014 her life was brutally cut short by two boys who went to the same alternative school as Corriann in Clear Lake, Texas. The 17 year old boy, Jose Reyes, had already sold his soul to the devil, and devil worship items were subsequently found in his room. His friend, Victor Alas, 16, also wanted to sell his soul to the devil, and he asked Reyes if he could accomplish that by murdering someone. Reyes said yes. Together they decided they would perform a heinous satanic ritual in which they would rape, bludgeon, and mutilate a beautiful girl as an initiation rite for Alas.

The crime began Tuesday evening when Corriann Cervantes decided to go out. She went to a friend’s house where she drank and smoked marijuana. Reyes and Alas were also at this party, and they led Corriann to a vacant apartment. Reyes stabbed her while he had sex with her. When she tried to get away they dragged her back in, and he hit her over the head with a toilet tank lid, which broke the lid in half.

Consensual sex turned into a gruesome rape. The two boys stabbed her in the face and body “dozens of times” with a screwdriver. They also bludgeoned her further with the toilet tank lid and an ashtray. While she begged for her life they gouged her eye out. When Reyes bragged about the murder to an individual identified as Miranda Leal, he told her Corriann cried out, “Why are you doing this to me?” But they continued to torture her. They also strangled her and carved an upside-down cross into her abdomen.

A few days after the murder a passerby noticed the door to the apartment open. When he went in he found Corriann’s disfigured body. Jose Reyes and Victor Alas had placed religious objects around her body. They had bashed in her head. Later during the autopsy, the coroner found pieces of porcelain embedded in her face.

After the murder, Reyes told two people explicit details about what they had done to Corriann, and someone reported him to the police. Miranda Leal said that he laughed and smiled while he boasted about the gruesome acts. She didn’t take it seriously, because it seemed just too bizarre for her believe. Once the police arrested Reyes, he confessed to the interrogators. He explained that he was just doing what the devil told him to do, and that the devil watched the whole time they were doing it. Later in court, Reyes smiled for the cameras.

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