Renee DiPietro Murders Michael Sides With A Sword

Renee DiPietro is a killer from Pennsylvania who would be convicted of the murder of Michael Sides with a sword that was hidden inside of a cane

According to court documents Renee DiPietro son had sucker punched a friend of Michael Sides at a bar. The son would call his mother and father to come pick him up

Michael Sides attempted to stop the son from entering his parents car. That is when Renee DiPietro unsheathed the sword which was hidden inside of a walking cane and stabbed Sides. Sides would pass away from his injuries

After the stabbing Renee DiPetro did not call 911 or call for help which prosecutors used against her at trial when she attempted to put forth a self defense claim

Renee DiPetro would be convicted of murder and sentenced to twenty to forty years in prison. DiPetro is currently seventy years old so chances of her seeing freedom again is slim to none

Renee DiPetro Case

A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania woman who killed a man with a weaponized cane has been sentenced to decades behind bars.

Renee DiPietro, 70, was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison during a hearing on Monday.

DiPietro was convicted of third-degree murder in the killing of 31-year-old Michael Sides in Ardmore.

She stabbed him with a 16-inch blade that was hidden in her walking cane

DiPietro’s son sucker-punched a friend of the victim at a bar and then called his mother, who came to the bar with her husband.

While there, Sides tried to stop her son from getting in their car.

That’s when DiPietro stabbed him twice with a 16-inch blade that was hidden in her walking cane that doubled as a sheath.

Video played in court showed she did not try to help him or call 911 afterward.

She maintains she was acting in self-defense.

The assistant district attorney in this case said the way DiPietro behaved during the fight, and immediately after the victim fell and was bleeding, demonstrated an indifference to the value of his life.

Renee DiPietro Now

Renee Dipietro now
Renee Dipietro

Parole Number: 706KW
Age: 71
Date of Birth: 04/27/1953
Height: 5′ 02″
Gender: FEMALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Current Location: MUNCY

Permanent Location: MUNCY
Committing County: MONTGOMERY

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