Wayne Boden The Vampire Serial Killer

Wayne Boden was a Canadian serial killer who was known as The Vampire Rapist.

According to court documents Wayne Boden would begin killing in 1969 with the sexual assault and murder of Shirley Audette. Like all of Boden’s victims the woman’s breast had been savagely bitten

Wayne Boden would murder his next victim a month later with the sexual assault and murder of Marielle Archambault who was again bitten on her breats

The next victim was Jean Way, 24, who was also sexually assaulted and murdered however this time he did not leave any bite marks

With the three murders taking place in Montreal Quebec area women were beginning to panic however Wayne Boden had fled the city and headed to the province of Alberta. Boden soon after his arrival would sexually assault and murder Elizabeth Anne Porteous who was also bitten by Boden

Wayne Boden would be arrested the day after the Elizabeth Anne Porteous murder. During his trial experts would use the bites found on the victims and would compare them to Wayne bite pattern. This was the first time this type of analysis was used in a court room

Wayne Boden would be convicted of the four murders and would be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. Boden would die in prison in March 2006 from skin cancer

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Wayne Boden Case

Elizabeth Anne Porteous was last seen alive in a blue Mercedes on the night of Monday, May 17, 1971. When she didn’t show up for work the next morning, concerned co-workers asked her apartment manager to check on her welfare. Upon entering her apartment, the manager discovered the lifeless body of the 33 year-old Bowness High School teacher. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted.

Detectives Ed Madsen and Bill Crabbe arrived and immediately started gathering evidence. They found a scattering of red buttons from the victim’s dress, a single cuff link embedded in her left shoulder, human hair not consistent to her own, and what would later become vital evidence at trial, multiple bite marks on her body. Reflecting on the case years later, Inspector Crabbe said the key to the case “was the teeth marks.”

Detectives immediately questioned Porteous’ friends and co-workers. An account provided by a fellow teacher detailed seeing Porteous riding as a passenger in a light blue older model Mercedes with a ‘young good-looking fellow’ of about 25 years of age the night before. Police learned that Porteous had had a date scheduled for Monday night. She had described her date as someone who “was a bit too young for her” and a bit “immature” but also an Easterner and so they had at least one thing in common. Most importantly, Porteous referred to her new suitor by name: “Wayne”. Shortly thereafter, patrol units identified a similar parked Mercedes only two blocks away from Porteous’s residence. The car was identified as belonging to one Wayne Clifford Boden.

Sergeant Detective Ernie Reimer coordinated a stake-out to bring Boden in for questioning. Not only did Boden claim the retrieved cufflink as his own but he also admitted to being with Porteous on the night of her murder. Most importantly, he agreed to submit to a dental casting.

In 1971 no police agency in North America had ever successfully employed the use forensic odontology to gain a conviction in any criminal case, but Calgary detectives were convinced the teeth marks were crucial to their case. They were able to enlist the aid of local dentist, Dr. Gordon Swann. Swann wrote to the FBI for assistance and received a reply from then director of the FBI himself, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover recommended a specialist in London, England who had successfully used bite mark evidence in court. Dr. Swann travelled to England to study these methods and returned to Calgary to employ what he had learned in the Boden trial.

The casting that police had acquired from Boden was compared against enlarged photos of the bite marks left on Porteous’s body. Employing the Direct Geometric Projection Technique, Dr. Swann concluded that he must have at least 13 points of comparison to make a positive identification. After examining both the dental molds made of Boden’s teeth and jaw and the marks left on Porteous’s body Dr. Swann was able to identify a total of 29 comparison points. Largely in part due the ground-breaking testimony of Dr. Swann, a jury found Boden guilty of the homicide of Elizabeth Ann Porteous and he was sentenced to life in prison. This was an exciting investigative first for the Calgary Police and particularly for Sergeant Reimer, who was delighted get “a psychopath who didn’t feel remorse or guilt” off the street. At Boden’s sentencing, Detective Ed Madsen, who also worked on the case, told the court that “I have absolutely no doubt that if given the chance Boden will kill again and the public have a right to be protected from an individual of this sort.” He was later proved correct, when Boden confessed to the murders of three women in Montreal. Dubbed by the media as the “Vampire Rapist”, Boden’s previous victims in Montreal had all been similarly attacked, strangled and bitten numerous times. Boden’s guilty pleas in these cases resulted in three additional life sentences. Wayne Boden served his sentence in Kingston penitentiary until his death from skin cancer in March of 2006.


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