Bobby Gonzales Murders Girlfriend’s Mother

Bobby Gonzales was a teen living in Texas when he would murder his girlfriend, Krissi Lynn Caldwell, mother

According to court documents Krissi Lynn Caldwell would convince Bobby Gonzales that she was being abused at home and the only way to stop it was to get rid of her parents. None of the abuse was ever proven

Bobby Gonzales would enter the Caldwell home in the middle of the night and shoot the Caldwell’s as they were sleeping. Mrs Caldwell would die from her injuries

Bobby Gonzales and Krissi Lynn Caldwell would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison

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Bobby Gonzales

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Where Is Bobby Gonzales Now

Bobby Gonzles is incarcerated at the Alfred Hughes prison in Texas

Where Is Krissi Lynn Caldwell Now

Krissi Lynn Caldwell is currently incarcerated at the Hobby prison in Texas

Bobby Gonzales Case

A Texas jury Friday sentenced a 17-year-old girl to life in prison for soliciting the murders of her parents because they disapproved of her dating a boy of another race.

Jurors deliberated for more than three hours before returning the verdict against Krissi Lynn Caldwell of Frisco, a small town near Dallas.

Prosecutors said she and her boyfriend, Robert Anthony Gonzales, 16, conspired to kill her mother, Rosalyn Caldwell, 41, and father, Vernon Caldwell, 42. Gonzales will be tried later for murder.

The girl, with tears in her eyes, stood with her attorney before Judge John Roach when he read the sentence. The same jury returned the guilty verdict Thursday afte four hours of deliberation.

In final arguments, prosecutor Bill Schultz pointed at Caldwell and told the jury, ‘You’re looking at somebody who has absolutely no regard for human life.’ He said she would do anything to get her way.

Defense attorney Don McDermott called no witnesses and declined to present a defense.

McDermott charged in his closing argument that the state failed to prove its case against Caldwell, and placed all the blame on Gonzales. McDermott said, ‘He planned it, and he carried it out.’

Authorities said a gunman slipped into the Caldwell home at Frisco during the night of March 6 and opened fire on the Caldwells as they slept. Mrs. Caldwell was killed, Mr. Caldwell was critically wounded.

During a hearing in May to certify Gonzales for trial as adult, a witness testified that Gonzales wanted to kill the Caldwells because they disapproved of inter-racial dating. Gonzales is Hispanic; Krissi Caldwell is white.

Bobby Gonzales, also of Frisco, will be tried later on charges of capital murder, soliciation of capital murder and attempted capital murder. He is suspected of firing the gun during the attack

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