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Claire Miller was a fourteen year old from Pennsylvania who was building a following on TicTok under the name ‘spiritsandsuchconsulting’ that was until she would murder her nineteen year old sister

According to court documents Claire Miller was upset that her parents seemed to be more devoted to her older sister Helen who was suffering from Cerebral Palsy

Claire would wait until her parents were asleep then attack Helen stabbing her multiple times causing her death

Claire Miller would ultimately be arrested and would later plead guilty but mentally ill to the murder

Claire was sentenced to twelve and a half to forty years in prison

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Where Is Claire Miller Now

Claire Miller is currently incarcerated at the Muncy Facility in Pennsylvania

When Is Claire Miller Release Date

Claire Miller maximum release date is 2061 however is eligible for parole in 2033

Claire Miller Case

A Lancaster County teen has pled guilty but mentally ill to a charge of third-degree murder in connection with the stabbing of her sister in February 2021.

Claire Miller, now 16, of Manheim Township, will serve 12 1/2 to 40 years in prison, officials say.

“The events that bring us here today are incoherently tragic,” Judge Jeffery Wright said. “Mr. and Mrs. Miller sit here on the difficult challenge of supporting both the victim and the defendant.” A person who waives his/her right to trial may plead guilty but mentally ill.

“While all homicides are tragic, this case was particularly sad because the victim was her own sister and unable to defend herself,” District Attorney Heather Adams said. “The pain this must have caused the family is unthinkable. “The Commonwealth does not dispute that Miller suffered from a mental health event at the time of this offense, but it legally did not excuse the conduct. The sentence imposed today holds her accountable for the crime committed, but balances the nature of this offense, her young age, her mental condition at the time and the protection of society. The onus now rests with the Department of Corrections to appropriately treat her mental illness and only grant parole when it is clear that she is no longer a threat to the public.”

On February 22, 2021, Miller stabbed her 19-year-old sister, Helen, who had Cerebral Palsy, to death.

Police say the crime happened while their parents were sleeping.

The Lancaster County District Attorney says Miller will be committed to a State Prison to serve her sentence.

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A 14-year-old girl accused of stabbing her older disabled sister to death in the middle of the night was on the phone with someone who told police Claire Miller was having “suicidal and homicidal thoughts.”

The new detail was included in court records filed to support a search warrant of the Manheim Township home where Claire lived with her sister, Helen, and their parents, in the 1500 block of Clayton Road.

The records didn’t explain whether the witness talked to Claire Miller before, during or after the stabbing of Helen Miller, who had cerebral palsy and used a wheelchair.

Police were called to the family’s ranch home at 1:08 a.m. Monday, and they arrived five minutes later. They were greeted outside by Claire Miller, wearing bloody pants and with blood on her hands, repeatedly saying “I stabbed my sister,” according to court records.

Officers went inside and found Helen Miller, 19, on her back in a bedroom with a bloody pillow over her face. When an officer removed the pillow, a large knife was sticking out of her neck and blood was pooled on her chest and bed. She died from multiple stab wounds, the coroner said.

Police said they heard from a witness at 1:42 a.m. that the witness previously had been communicating with Claire Miller on the phone and that the teen was having “suicidal and homicidal thoughts.”

No further details on the witness’ identity or conversation with Claire Miller were included in the court documents. The documents outlined what items police collected from the crime scene, including the clothes Claire Miller was wearing at the time of the killing: A blue t- shirt with a white cat face on it and black, white and gray checkered pajama pants.

Police also collected bloody sheets, blankets and a comforter from Helen’s front bedroom, and a stuffed rabbit toy that was on a blanket.

Officers took swabs for DNA testing from the front door inside doorknob, the closet door in Helen’s room, Helen’s box springs, her carpet, an alarm keypad and a spot of suspected blood on the floor in front of an elevator. The ranch home has a finished basement.

Police also collected several sharp objects from the home to see if any were used in the stabbing in addition to the knife left in Helen’s neck. They took nine kitchen knives found in drawers or the dishwasher and they found these items in a rear bedroom: an Exacto knife in a desk; a dart board on the desk, and a paper towel with suspected blood on the floor.

Police also took a white board with chores for Claire located in the dining room. Officers said in their application for a search warrant that they would be looking for Claire’s cell phone, which could assist the investigation potentially establishing a motive and the events that occurred before, during and after the crime, but no phone was listed as among the items seized by police.

Claire Miller, who was charged with criminal homicide, is being held without bail in the Lancaster County Prison as she awaits court proceedings. She had a preliminary hearing set for Friday but it was continued. She is being held in prison in a cell by herself in the female unit of the facility under constant observation, officials sad.

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