Devonte Brown Murders 2 Teens

Devonte Brown was a sixteen year old living in Ohio when he murdered two teens

According to court documents Devonte Brown was upset that his girlfriend broke up with him so he would go over to her house and proceeded to stab her and her younger brother to death

Devonte Brown was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison

Five years after the murders Devonte Brown would take his own life

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Devonte Brown

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When did Devonte Brown commit suicide

Devonte Brown took his own life in 2021

Devonte Brown Sentencing

Devonte Brown, 17, a teen charged with killing his girlfriend and her brother, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

It was a difficult day for all involved, but will hopefully give two families a chance to move on.

Brown’s sentencing concludes a year-long nightmare for the family of Joselyn and Johnny Jones. Back in August of 2015, 16-year-old Joselyn and 14-year-old Johnny Jones were fatally stabbed in what prosecutors say was an act of rage after a teenage breakup.

On Thursday, the Honorable Judge Ian English heard from Joselyn and Johnny’s mother Josie Thomas, who was also attacked by Brown, but survived.

“Everything was taken from me in the matter of minutes, my kids, home, car, finances, and trust,” said Thomas.

Brown’s mother was also seen in the courtroom.

Brown, who was seen wiping tears from his face throughout the hearing, made a statement before learning his fate.

“I wish I would have understood how bad I would have hurt so may people, including myself,” said Brown.

The judge, however, wasn’t sympathetic towards the defendant. He said Johnny victimized Joselyn in the past, a reason for handing down the maximum sentence. It was a prayer answered for the victim’s family.

“This is a blessing right here, you know, I just said amen after he said that sentence. I think this is truly God working here,” said Thomas.

Brown’s attorney says the case is far from over, because his client will appeal due to a lot of discussion and a supreme court case that questions whether a teen should receive a life sentence.

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