Dustin Wallace Murders 5 Year Old Girl

Dustin Wallace was a sixteen year old teen killer from Oregon who would sexually assault and murder a five year old girl

According to court documents Dustin Wallace would sexually assault five year old Sahara Dwight who he would then smother killing the child

Dustin Wallace would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in parole

Dustin Wallace Now

dustin wallace today
Offender Name:Wallace, Dustin Michael
Age:29DOB:03/1994Location:Snake River Correctional Institution
Height:6′ 03”Hair:BrownInstitution Admission Date:09/15/2015
Weight:230 lbsEyes:HazelEarliest Release Date:No Parole

Dustin Wallace Case

A judge has decided that the teen who raped and murdered a 5-year-old Roseburg girl will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Judge Randy Garrison handed down his ruling on Tuesday at the conclusion of the sentencing hearing for Dustin Wallace, 18, who was convicted for the assault that happened back in 2010.

The courtroom was almost completely full as the judge handed down his decision.

Wallace waived his right to a jury trial, allowing the sentencing to be decided by Judge Garrison.

Judge Garrison became emotional at times while he talked about the facts of the case.

He spoke about Sahara’s last moments, in which he said the girl tried to fight Wallace off. “Then he started messing with her after he watched her, and she fought him. She fought him mightily, she put up a heck of a fight,” Garrison said.

Garrison went on to speak about Wallace’s actions after he killed the girl.

He spoke about one of the most disturbing things that happened after Wallace killed the girl. “We know that after the event, he, Dustin Wallace, says something that is so inappropriate that it sticks out in our minds, hugely. That is when Sahara’s mother is hysterically trying to deal with the death of her daughter, Mr. Wallace told her to, “Shut up.”

Wallace’s father could be seen lowering his head and breaking down into tears during the judge’s comments.

He handed down the life without parole sentence, and gasps could be heard in the courtroom. “Justice requires that Mr. Wallace not be released on parole.”

Sentencing hearing

The defense called Wallace’s mother Lisa to testify last week. The questioning centered on Wallace’s mental health.

She and Dustin were all tears, as she described his inability to socialize with others since he was 5-years-old. five years old. “Dustin had difficulty socially with other children beginning since kindergarten,” she said. “Dustin had been in counseling and in to doctors his whole life.”

Lisa also answered questions pertaining to an adult male by the name of Kevin, who was in his early 20’s at the time. Kevin befriended Dustin when he was 15, and Dustin would watch pornographic websites with this male, according to his mother.

Lisa says she sent Dustin to a facility where they teach kids respect and how to psychologically deal with behavior and social skills.

His mother says Dustin was diagnosed with ADD, ADD aggressive, asbergers and depression.

During testimony, some incidents involving Dustin were discussed, such as him allegedly putting his sister’s dog into a pillow case and swinging it around. Also discussed was an incident where he climbed into the shower with his sister when she was 13-years-old.

There was also an incident where Dustin allegedly cut the panties off of a girl who was staying the night.

Dr. Jerry Larsen, a psychiatrist and co-writer of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health, also testified at the hearing Wednesday.

Dr. Larsen testified that if Wallace had been on his medication at the time of the incident, Wallace most likely would have not committed the crime. “Had he been on his meds, he would have been asleep and this would not have happened,” the doctor said.

Wallace was noticeably emotional on Tuesday, as the judge gave his decision to the court.

Wallace was convicted back in June for the rape and murder of the girl. The defense argued that Wallace did not intend to kill Sahara Dwight and accidentally smothered her as he molested her.

Prosecutors had argued Wallace killed the girl and then lied about what happened in an attempt to get away with the crime.

Judge Randy Garrison said the video of Wallace being interviewed by police after Dwight’s death shows the teen had no remorse for his actions as he spun elaborate lies about what took place that night.

Garrison found Dustin Wallace guilty on six counts of aggravated murder and one count each of first degree rape, sexual assault and unlawful sexual penetration.


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