Ellen Friar Murders Father With A Bat

Ellen Friar was fifteen years old and living in Oregon when along with her boyfriend Gavin Macfarlane would murder her father

According to court documents Ellen Friar was dating nineteen year old Gavin Macfarlane and her father wanted the relationship to end. However the couple instead of breaking up would plan his murder

Ellen Friar father Aaron Friar would be beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Ellen Friar and Gavin Macfarlane would be arrested and later convicted of murder

Ellen Friar was sentenced to twenty five years in prison

Gavin Macfarlane was sentenced to life in prison without parole

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When Is Ellen Friar Release Date

Ellen Friar was sentenced to life however is eligible for parole in 2034

Where Is Ellen Friar Now

Ellen Friar is currently in the Oregon Juvenile Justice Department

When Is Gavin McFarlane Release Date

Gavin McFarlane is serving life without parole

Where Is Gavin McFarlane Now

Gavin McFarlane is currently incarcerated at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Ellen Friar Case

The last of three young defendants who conspired in the murder of Aaron Friar in October of 2017 changed his pleas in Jackson County Circuit Court on Wednesday, receiving a sentence of 15 years in prison.

Russell Jones was accused of helping Ellen Rose Friar and Gavin Curtis MacFarlane to kill Aaron Friar, Ellen’s father, and dispose of his body.

In the early hours of October 2 in 2017, the three of them went into the elder Friar’s home at 517 1/2 Benson Street in Medford, where the man was asleep. According to the Jackson County District Attorney’s office, MacFarlane hit Aaron Friar multiple times with a baseball bat, killing him

Jones helped MacFarlane to dispose of Friar’s body and the murder weapon at a spot in the 9100-block of East Antelope Road.

In previous statements, investigators alleged that the trio were also planning to kill Jones’ father, though the plot was never carried out.

On Wednesday, Jones entered pleas of “no contest” to charges of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Attempted Robbery in the First Degree. He was sentenced by Judge Laura Cromwell to a total sentence of 15 years on the two counts, followed by three years of post-prison supervision.

Ellen Friar pleaded guilty in January of 2019, and she was preceded by MacFarlane’s guilty plea in October of 2018.


Ellen Friar News

It’s a story that’s shocking to everyone who hears it. A 15-year-old girl, her boyfriend, and friend, conspiring to kill her father.

“He loved his girls above anything and I know his heart is breaking right now,” said Michelle Robinson, the victim’s girlfriend.

Back in October of 2017, 50-year-old Aaron Friar was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Police say his daughter Ellen Rose Friar, who was only 15-years-old at the time, planned the crime along with her boyfriend then 19-year old Gavin Curtis Macfarlane and 22-year-old Russell Pierce Jones II.

Nearly two years later, Macfarlane is serving life in prison after pleading guilty to murder, tampering with physical evidence, and conspiracy to commit murder. The case is still pending against Jones.

Ellen faced a judge for sentencing this past Tuesday.

She read a letter to the court in which she said she can’t erase the past, but has learned forgiveness from Jesus Christ.

“I’m not the same scared little girl I was over a year ago,” said Friar. “I’ve seen all different kinds of people and now see humanity from a new, compassionate perspective.”

Friar’s attorney says the teenager was manipulated by an older boyfriend and claims the girl endured years of emotional and sexual abuse from her father. But because the case didn’t go to trial, that was never proven in court.

“She’s an extremely intelligent, wonderful young woman… [she] made a mistake and I’m hoping she’s able to learn from that,” said her defense attorney, Alyssa Bartholomew.

But others like Aaron Friar’s girlfriend, Michelle Robinson, say there’s no excuse for what she did.

“From what I witnessed Aaron was a great dad. She could have thought of a million different things to do… running away included,” Robinson said.

Friar was sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit burglary in the first degree. She will start her sentence in a juvenile facility until she’s 25, which the judge hopes will provide resources for her to reform her life.

Russell Pierce Jones II is scheduled to be back in court in late April, but his case is pending his fitness to proceed.

Medford teen sentenced in dad’s murder

Ellen Friar News

A Medford teenager has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for her role in the 2017 killing of her father.

The Mail Tribune reports 17-year-old Ellen Friar was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty in January to an adult charge of conspiring to murder Aaron Friar, who was killed while he slept on his couch.

Ellen Friar also pleaded no contest to conspiring to commit first-degree burglary.

Friar’s boyfriend, Gavin Curtis MacFarlane, who was 19 at the time of the killing, was sentenced to life in prison with a 25-year minimum in October

He admitted to bludgeoning Aaron Friar with a baseball bat, loading the body into Friar’s car and dumping it outside Eagle Point on Oct. 2, 2017


Ellen Friar More News

A Medford teenager was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison for her role in the 2017 killing of her father.

Ellen Rose Friar, 17, pleaded guilty Jan. 4, 2019, to an adult felony charge of conspiring to murder her father, Aaron Neil Friar, who was killed while he slept on his couch in the first block of Almond Street during the early the morning of Oct. 2, 2017. Friar also pleaded no-contest to a felony count of conspiring to commit first-degree burglary.

Ellen Friar’s boyfriend, Gavin Curtis MacFarlane, who was 19 at the time of the homicide, was sentenced to life in prison with a 25-year minimum Oct. 5, 2018, after admitting to bludgeoning Aaron Friar with a baseball bat, loading the body into Friar’s car and dumping it outside Eagle Point. Ellen Friar was 15 at the time of the homicide.

The couple was angry that Aaron Friar had pursued statutory rape charges against his daughter’s out-of-high school boyfriend, according to earlier news reports.

Friar and MacFarlane allegedly made written plans for the murder with Russell Pierce Jones, 23, who still has pending charges of murder, conspiring to commit murder, first-degree robbery and a misdemeanor evidence tampering charge. Jones has a trial date scheduled for the first week of February, alleging he planned the murder against Friar’s father and made written plans against his own father.


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