Natasha Ellis Murders Friend’s Mother

Natasha Ellis was a fifteen year old from Ohio when she would murder her friend’s mother

According to court documents Natasha Ellis and her thirteen year old friend would plan the murders of her friend’s family. On the night of the murder Natasha would fatally stab Lee Moore and would injure her husband and son.

Natasha Ellis would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to twenty three years to life in prison

The unnamed friend was charged as a juvenile

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Natasha Ellis

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What Is Natasha Ellis Release Date

Natasha Ellis is serving a life sentence however is eligible for parole in 2041

Where Is Natasha Ellis Now

Natasha Ellis is currently incarcerated at Ohio Reformatory for Women

Natasha Ellis Case

The New Carlisle teen girl who pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing her friend’s mother a year ago will serve at least 22 years in an adult prison as a result of her crimes.

Natasha Ellis, who was 15 at the time of the crimes, was accused of orchestrating an attack with her then 13-year-old friend on the younger girl’s family.

Ellis was given her prison sentence by Judge Douglas Rastatter in Clark County Common Pleas Court on Friday morning. She pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder on June 11. As a result of her plea, two additional charges of aggravated murder and felonious assault were dropped.

She also agreed to testify against the now 14-year-old friend, if her case goes to trial. Clark County sheriff’s deputies have said previously that even though Ellis may have acted alone during that attack, the planning was done in unison with the other teen.

he younger girl has been charged as a serious youthful offender, which could result in a mixture of juvenile and adult sentences down the line, and she is awaiting trial in Clark County Juvenile Court.

Ellis was accused of carrying out an attack on her friend’s family members of May 23, 2019, at a home on North Church Street in New Carlisle. The friend’s mother, Lee A. Moore, 36, died in the attack. The younger girl’s father, Paul Greear, and then 17-year-old brother were also hurt, but survived.

Prior to the sentence being handed down, Ellis read a statement directed at Greear and his son — who were in the courtroom but did not look at Ellis as she spoke.

“I want you to know I’m sorry for everything that happened to you and your family. I’m sorry for the attack on you,” Ellis said as she started to cry. “I’m also sorry for all the trauma that everyone had to deal with that night. I know you hate me and probably wish I would stop talking right now, but I just want you to know how I feel.”

Ellis said she “never wanted anyone to get hurt.”

“I know you will never forgive me, but just know I’m very sorry,” Ellis said. “I’m so sorry for everything.”

Greear spoke to the court after Ellis. He pleaded with Rastatter to “keep her in there as long as you possibly can.”

“Because she will do it again. She will offend again,” Greear said.

Rastatter sentenced Ellis to 15 to years to life for her murder charge, which was the maximum sentenced possible. For her attempted murder charge, Rastatter took over 10 minutes to hand down a sentence of seven to 10 years. The maximum sentence for the charge in the state of Ohio is 11 to 16 ½ years.

The sentences will be served consecutively, meaning Ellis will serve a minimum of 22 years in prison for her crimes.

“I believe that concurrent sentences would demean the seriousness of these offenses. I think it would be a miscarriage of justice for Mr. Greear because essentially the court would be saying what happened to him was irrelevant,” Rastatter said. “The two offenses committed here were committed as part of a course of conduct, and the harm caused was so great that no single prison term adequately reflects the seriousness of her conduct.”

Natasha Ellis, now 16, will serve her time in an adult prison after a psychological expert found earlier this year “there was not sufficient time to rehabilitate,” her in the juvenile system

Clark County prosecutors declined to comment after Ellis’ sentencing, saying it would be, “inappropriate,” after hearing the teen and victim read statements of their own. Ellis’ attorney, John Meehling, said he had no additional comments.–law/teen-who-killed-new-carlisle-woman-sorry-for-everything/Og5sgnf124fhb2nbaWri1H/

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