Noah LaPrei Murders Grandmother

Noah LaPrei was a seventeen year old teen killer from Iowa who would beat to death his Grandmother

According to court documents Noah LaPrei would beat to death his Grandmother 79-year-old Rachel Pray at her Des Moines Iowa home. Noah would then head to a nearby store where he would fling items off of the shelves and yell at customers and staff

Noah LaPrei would be arrested, convicted and sentenced up to fifty years in prison with no minimum time period set

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Noah Laprei Case

Noah Laprei will spend up to 50 years in prison for beating his grandmother to death. However a Polk County Judge refused to set a minimum that he must serve.

Laprei was sentenced Thursday in Polk County District Court after entering an Alford Plea to a charge of Second Degree Murder in April. Under that plea he admitted there was enough evidence to convict him but he was not admitting guilt.

79-year-old Rachel Pray was beaten to death in her home in October 2015. Minutes after her death her grandson, Laprei, stormed into a nearby convenience store and demolished shelves and accosted customers and employees.

At his sentencing hearing Thursday Laprei’s attorneys asked the judge for leniency. Laprei claims he was under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug the night his grandmother was killed.

After hours of testimony from experts and family members Polk County District Judge Karen Roman sentenced Laprei to a maximum of 50 years in prison with no mandatory minimum. She urged Laprei to seek out help for his drug problems in prison and to continue his education. Laprei could apply for release immediately though the Iowa Parole Board will likely require him to serve years of his sentence before he is eligible for release.

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Noah Laprie, 19, has been sentenced to 50 years for the death of Rachel pray, 79.

He entered the plea for second degree murder, meaning he acknowledges that there was enough evidence to convict him. But there will be no trial or verdict.

A courtroom filled with family members, some were there to give impact statements before Judge Karen Romano, but everyone seemed to be there in support of both Noah and his grandma.

udge Romano took all of this into consideration before finally handing down a sentence.

“Noah John Laprie is adjudged guilty of murder in the 2nd degree in violation of code section 707.3 to be in prison for a period not to exceed 50 years,” said Judge Karen Romano.

A few family members took the stand before the verdict, supporting 19-year-old Noah Laprei.

“I watched you grow up and become an outgoing and caring young man. I would never have though this possible. I know someday I will forgive you and just know that I love you,” said a family member.

Others say he doesn’t deserve to spend his life in jail.

“Noah loved her so much. I know he did and unfortunately he was handed a loaded gun that night and it’s all very serious and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life, but I really don’t think that place should be prison,” said Noah’s cousin, Shade Sanders.

Noah himself says he’s sorry for what he did that night.

“There’s so many people that were affected by this and everyone here today and I could, I’m just so, I ever in a million years, I never wanted, I never intended for this to happen, I didn’t want it to happen, I wasn’t in my right state of mind,” said Laprie. “I loved my grandma. I told her I loved her every day when I left, when I got off the phone with her. I thanked her for every time she did my laundry or prepared a meal for me and when she helped me because she helped my so many times.”

Noah’s uncle says he believes Noah’s remorseful and this sentence is the best thing that could happen.

“Now he can get his life straightened around and come back and live a life. He’ll never forget what he did ever,” said Noah’s uncle, Roy Pray.

Noah was sentenced to 50 years with no mandatory minimum. It will be up to the Department of Corrections to determine where he will serve his time and when he would be released. The judge says she believes he will serve a number of years before he’s released.

Noah does have a chance to appeal the judgment, but that has be filed within 30 days from today.

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